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Posted by EastMed Radiology on July 18th, 2017

November 8th is celebrated as the “International Radiology Day” every year. And, this year (2017), is dedicated to the emergency radiology and the indispensable role played by the radiologists in the emergency care, enhancing the treatment quality.

No doubt, the Radiology is a big league in medicine that covers a huge portion of the medical field. The branch of Radiology deals with scanning and imaging of the human body. The term is derived from the “radiant energy” that is used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Being a Radiology specialist requires deep and comprehensive understanding of the imaging modalities such as X-ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and others. These are the terms that are not a cup of tea of a common man. In the whole, these modalities are the fundamentals of Radiology that are properly understood and utilized by the radiologists. EastMed Radiology in Auckland is one of the experienced centers that offer high quality medical diagnostic imaging and patient care at affordable prices. Specializing in x-ray and ultrasound imaging, our specialists offer a wide range of diagnostic services.

What does Radiology involve?


ü Everyone has heard of “X-ray”, right? General X-Ray is a branch of Radiology that utilizes electromagnetic radiation to produce plain images of bones and some soft tissue organs such as lungs, heart, intestines etc. The use of X-ray technology helps diagnose bone fractures, degenerative changes in the joints as well as various diseases such as pneumonia or heart failure.

ü Ultrasound Imaging uses high frequency sound waves which are able to penetrate the soft tissues within the body. When sound waves propagate through organs they are reflected and these reflected echoes return to the Ultrasound machine. The information from the reflected echoes is used to build up images of the internal organs and soft tissues. Among many advantages of Ultrasound technology is that it does not involve ionizing radiation which means it is safe to use even for pregnant patients. Obstetric scanning is a major portion of Ultrasound Imaging and it is employed to monitor the fetus throughout the pregnancy period.

ü X-Ray and Ultrasound are often used in conjunction to diagnose various musculoskeletal disorders including tears and ruptures of the tendons and ligaments, joint effusions, osteochondral pathologies, bursitis, tendonitis and others. While X-ray provides information on boney abnormalities, Ultrasound can pick up soft tissue damage. Together, these two modalities produce comprehensive assessment of the injured area.

At EastMed Radiology we use high tech machinery which allows us to produce high quality images quickly and efficiently:

  1.  Fully digitalized equipment produces images in seconds
  2.  Digital images are safely stored in secure archives
  3.  Referring doctors can view their patients’ images form their own computers within minutes after the scan
  4.  Previous scans are linked together to ensure coherent history of patient’s visits
  5.  Images can be recorded onto a digital data storage device or sent electronically to other hospitals  

EastMed Radiology employs the latest in technology to generate the images and reports that are readily available to the referring health practitioners. With great attention to patient care we constantly strive to excel in provision of Radiology services. For further information or to book your next scan in Auckland - contact EastMed Radiology.  

For more information: ACC ultrasound Auckland

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