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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Do you have a domain name on your server and wish to change it? If so, then read on and find instructions below. However if you wish to change your domain name to a new web host or change the domain name on your current host, then you will need to contact your hosting company because those are changes you are unable to make on your own.

The changes need to be made on the registry of the computer, so you will have to have access to it. If you are operating a server from your computer at home or your office, then this is something you will be able to do when you want to change your domain names.

However, you should keep in mind that messing around in your registry can be tricky so make sure you know what you are doing before you change anything or you may make a mistake that leaves you unable to operate your computer at all.

Before you can change your domain name, you will have to break the trust connections which exist. You will have to remove it from both sides on the trust. Then terminate all of the back office services like Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Information Server, and the SQL Server. Put all of these services on manual startup.

Now you can change the domain name on PDC. So you will need to reboot it which causes the entry to pop up on the WINS server so you can enter the new domain. If you apply WINS for NetBIOS in place of TCP/IP names resolution, then you will force the copying of the PDC primary WINS server onto all the other WINS servers which will transmit your entry you have for your new domain name.

Now, reboot. After you restart, you will also need to copy all WINS server information which transmits the entry and once that is done, you will have to reestablish your trust connections.

Now you will need to set up your back office services again and get them back online. Apply the start up button to bring up the account and once they are all online, switch back to automatic start up. Now just reboot the back office services in the correct order.

You will also have to change the domain names on every server and workstation. You may also need to change workgroup names. Once the domain change has synchronized through out the system, the domain name change is complete.

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