Effectiveness Of Wisconsin Ginseng In Treating Diabetes

Posted by Jack Kason on July 19th, 2017

The many varieties of the herb called ginseng have been used in oriental medicine for years. The treatment and management of a variety of conditions has been successfully carried out with the help of many ginseng remedies, consumed in the form of teas, powders, tonics and more.

When it comes to type-2 diabetes, there is a large body of scientific evidence on the beneficial effects of consuming ginseng roots. Considered an effective way to complement over the counter medication in several instances, Wisconsin ginseng helps diabetics in not one but three different ways.

1.Lowering blood sugar levels
Multiple studies that are based on the observation of the actions of ginseng in one’s system have highlighted how the root helps in normalizing the blood glucose levels in people suffering from type-2 diabetes. The root has been found to contribute towards an increase in the production of insulin by the pancreatic B cells. In addition to that, it can also reduce cell death in the pancreas.

2.Maintaining blood sugar levels
Maintaining the blood sugar levels is one of the major struggles faced by a diabetic person. It can become quite a challenge with the abundance of unhealthy food around, especially when people around him or her continuously snack on sweetened and fried meals. Drinking water infused with ginseng or consuming ginseng teas before a meal can prove to be of substantial help in these cases. Doing so prevents a sudden spike in blood sugar levels after eating. That is what makes it easier to keep the blood sugar in control.

3.Altering the glycemic curve
The glycemic curve, also known as the glycemic index, is used to indicate the effects of a particular food on a person’s blood glucose. Represented in numbers, the glycemic curve gets higher two hours after a person has eaten. The consumption of ginseng helps reduce the curve by reducing the amount of glucose circulating in the patient’s blood stream.

It is important to know that ginseng should not be mistaken as a replacement for medical prescriptions. It is more like a complementary tonic that boosts the functions of the body naturally. There are many ways in which the root can be consumed. A few of them include simple homemade brews. It can also be added to soups and regular cooking for a unique, warm flavor. Experimenting with different ways of including the herb in your diet eventually leads to other health benefits as well.

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