The Value Of Having Your Domain Name Linked To Your Product

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

A domain name is the name which appears as your internet address that links the world to your website. Having your domain name match as closely as possible to your product ensures that you will have many more hits as people search for goods or services related to yours. The Internet is booming with more and more houses connecting every day and more and more businesses going online. Your website needs to be easily found and easily remembered.

The Domain Name

The domain name that you will use will normally consist of worlds that are related to your product. In the past these names have been restricted to letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9. Normally the only other character that has been allowed to be used was the hyphen. This means that non-English speaking users were a little restricted in their dmain name which has led to a wider variety of characters being introduced now. This system is known as the IDN or Internationalized domain name.

Benefits of Having a Domain Name

Having a website address that links other people and businesses alike easily to your product or service enables you to be found without much difficulty. Often if you are providing something where competition is fierce if you are difficult to locate people will automatically jump to the next option. The value of having a domain name that links to you straight away means that you will normally be the first in the long list of returned hits.

People do not want to remember complex or clever names therefore having your domain name that relates to what you do means that it will be easy to recall when the time arises. Although it is good to have something quirky and different, it is perhaps better to leave this to the content of your website rather than to naming it in this manner. It also shows some professionalism if your name relates to your business.

The importance of having your domain name relate to your product or service can be seen in the price paid for these names by individuals or companies. Sometimes millions of dollars are paid for these addresses as the internet grows and competition becomes fiercer for advertising space. Your choice of website address essentially means that you have greatly increased your hit count for your site as people search the Internet for your product.

Companies that register these website addresses often have search engine type facilities that allow you a quick and convenient way of scanning already registered names in order to find your perfect one. The value of having your own website address opens your business up to the world. Unlike a local newspaper or television advert, the internet allows global advertising so when someone looks for a product online, if yours is relative to what you offer you should be one of the first returned hits.

When you register to have your own domain name you should also be able to get email addresses using these names for everyone in your company. This is further advertising for you and makes it easier for others to remember how to get in touch with you as opposed to remembering which service provider you use instead. It also means that your name is carried with you wherever you go in the world, making relocation easy without having to disrupt your business.

Having a website address that easily relates to your business means that you will be easy to find and easy to remember. It allows you international exposure and the means to expand globally without the expense and inconvenience of having to source advertising outlets around the world. It helps to produce a more professional image for you and for your business.

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