The Vampire Academy

Posted by georginabelikov on August 30th, 2010

What is everyone looking for in the female character of a story? It's her wonderful love story, as well as her ability to survive on her own, without the help of another person. Women have always been regarded as the lower gender, inferior to the man. This has gone through for a long time, and fortunately, people have begun to realize that women can do things that a man can do. A lot of stories feature women as the damsel in distress, waiting for her prince to save her. This is a very common plot, and it's getting very boring. But with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, that has certainly changed.

Vampire Academy is clearly, about vampires. But unlike other books who have the male vampire as the hero, this one has a female guardian as a heroine. Rose, the main character is a guardian to the Moroi, the vampires in the story. They are good vampires, and their skills are doing magic, but not in fighting. They are actually pathetic when it comes to fighting as they cannot defend themselves. They need then the guardians, who are highly trained to protect them. Rose, is one of the guardians.

Rose brought out a revolutionary form of female character in a vampire story. She is an expert when it comes to fighting, though it took some time for her to learn the best and kille moves. She's only young, only 16 when the story took place and at her age, she was able to kill some of the strong vampires called Strigoi. Although she was set on protecting her Moroi bestfriend Lisa, she had a conflict on whether to follow love or tha law. Her love affair with her guardian instructor is prohibited, and that made things really exciting.

The scenes in this story, especially the fight scenes, are so full of action that one can't stop but go through the pages, eager to know how it ended. There are some notable fight scenes that are really breathtaking. The first one was when Rose made her first kill of Strigois, another was when there was an attack to the entire campus of St. Vladimir where there was really hardcore action, another was when they went on a raid to the caves where the Strigois kept Moroi captives, and the graduation challenge of Rose. All of these scenes are highly creative, and fast paced that it makes the reader shiver with excitement. The twists are also shocking, and you can never believe what had happened.

This story also has an extraordinary love story. Aside from the love affair of Rose and Dimitri being prohibited, this is where you can learn of characters willing to kill the person they love, just so to make sure that he remains the person that he was once was. The most unforgettable line here is from book three, where Rose said, "And then I set off. Off to kill the man I love."

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