Cork tiles advantages

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 19th, 2017

 Cork flooring tiles help achieve that comfortable walking surface and they add a pleasant look to any ambiance, no matter if they are installed in commercial spaces or residential properties. Cork tiles have some great features and characteristics that make them highly desirable by many consumers. They will not rot, as they are not prone to moisture and they have insulation properties, highly beneficial for reducing noise levels, but also heating costs.

In the unfortunate case of a fire, cork tiles will not release any toxic gases, as they are fire-resistant. As long as cork flooring tiles are properly maintained, they will resist for long periods of time and after a while, they can be refurnished, bringing them bac to live and offering that initial new look. Not many flooring options provide such characteristics and it is always a great advantage when floors can be polished again, as replacements are not always needed. When a new floor is installed, property owners want to take advantage of it for years to come and they expect the floor to be resistant and its looks to be maintained for as long as possible.

Those interested about costs and the investment they have to make for choosing a new floor, will be happy to know that cork tiles are highly affordable and their cost ranges depending on the features presented, colour and pattern chosen. Some manufacturers offer a warranty for the cork flooring tiles and this might influence the price as well. In case you require a professional for installing tiles, you have to include these extra expenses. However, those interested can take the project and complete it on their own, since it doesn’t present so many difficulties.

Those looking for a high-quality and reliable flooring product will soon understand that cork tiles are among the best options. The extraction process of cork does not harm trees in any way, making cork flooring tiles an environmental-friendly choice. Even flooring surfaces that are uneven are suitable for cork installations and those who don’t want to remove their existing floor, linoleum or hardwood, can easily cover them with cork. To enhance more insulating properties, underlayment is highly recommended and the benefits will be greater.

Back in the days, there were not so many options for styles and colours, but this has changed considerably these days. Since a lot of attention is given to cork flooring, manufacturers have diversified their palette and buyers can choose from a great variety, making sure they are able to personalise their space however they please. Great comfort is provided when you get to walk on the floor, it feels highly soft. Despite all beliefs, the material resists nicely even under heavy furnishings. How floors are installed influence the final appeal and it is always important choosing high-quality tiles that live up to expectations.

If you are planning on changing your current floor, don’t hesitate on choosing   cork tiles . With   cork flooring tiles    you will experience a new sensation each time you walk around the room.

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