Record Your Travels With The World's Most Unique Map

Posted by Luckies on July 19th, 2017

Maps are always good gifts to all people of all ages. They are inspiring for those who travel and those who don't. An ordinary map can be a good gift, but imagine how would an original and exceptional one would be?

-          The truth about the Scratch Map

The Scratch map is a registered trademark. The unique map features continents and countries. All the countries are covered with a golden layer of foil. Each time a traveler reaches a new country he removes its layer till he reveals all the countries in the world. Removing the golden layer won't just reveal a new place on the map; it will uncover amazing facts about the world as well. The map uses rich colours to express natural secrets and details of each country. The map also features the state line of the US and Australia and all provinces and territories in Canada.            

-          The benefits of having the scratch map

The original scratch map can add more fun to your trips and travels around the world. Having this map will help you make your traveling plans easier and faster. It will also make you find out incredible facts about the places you went to. You and your friends can make the most of your upcoming vacation by using this original map. You can use your plans to mark your next destinations and to know more about their climate and famous landmarks.  The map will keep the memories of your travels and adventure alive forever.

-          Perfect gift for people you care about:

Gifts are supposed to be personal and reflect care. This unique Scratch map is ideal for people you love. It will definitely make them happy. The best thing about this map is that it works for all ages and genders. Your little niece, travel addict uncle, your stylish best friend or even your newly married sister will fall madly in love with this gift. The map will not only satisfy their passion for exploring the world, but also will be a spectacular wall decoration.  Little children will appreciate this map because it will increase their knowledge about the world.

-          Reasons for buying the original Scratch Map

Buying the original map will definitely spare you a huge deal of disappointment. The original Scratch Map is made of high quality materials; Laminate, coloured foil, paper. Those materials are extremely durable unlike any other cheap copies you might get from untrustworthy sellers. Theteam of designers behind creating this map is actually award winner. The experienced artists of the team are putting complete devotion, focus, attention and love to each map poster so that the owners can enjoy every single detail of the map.Untalented and unskilled imitators don't have such originality or creativity. All you will find is poor quality materials and ugly designs. The original Scratch map is made in the UK which guarantees the quality of the product and its materials. The map is 82.5 x 59.4 cm.


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