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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

EBay continues to be all the rage these days, as people from all over the world supplement their incomes by finding buyers for what they might consider junk. EBay should no longer be thought of as a place to unload unwanted clutter to suckers for a profit, however. It is fast becoming a site where legitimate traders and collectors are enhancing their hobbies, where businesses are being grown, and where people of like interest can build relationships. EBay is not the only player on the Internet selling market, as rivals Yahoo Auctions and Marketplace also offer auction services. All three sites have the same items when it comes to top selling Internet markets, though, and these are listed here. These items are not just popular on auction sites, either; they can all be bought from their manufacturer or other people right on the Internet, often at lower prices than you would pay at your local store, even including the shipping.

Books: There are sites all over the Internet for selling books, and those books are in every conceivable category. There are hardcopy books and ebooks, ancient texts and modern gems just waiting to be bought. Sites like got their start just by creating can enormous database of books that can be purchased, and there are always people looking for books as sources of entertainment or information. New authors are finding it easier than ever to have their work published and sold on the Internet, and there is no better marketing tool for your new work.

DVDs: The growth of the Internet trade in digital video is rapidly causing bulk companies like BMG and Columbia House to become obsolete. The main premise of these companies was their access to distributors, which would allow them to buy the movies at bulk rates and then sell them at profit. Now, people can go straight to distributors and buy the videos themselves without having to sign any long term agreements that will potentially lose any savings they may have originally made. As with books, every DVD ever made is available somewhere on the Internet.

CDs: The Internet is the first marketing site for new CDs coming out, as many recording artists have realized. Allowing members of their web sites to have first shot and knowledge of an upcoming CD helps guarantee strong sales within the first few weeks of release, a marketing tool that is important in keeping the new album visible in terms of sales tracking.

Toys: This is a great category. Toy collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and the advent of the Internet has meant a surge in the sales of toys both old and new. Again, companies are able to advertise their wares to interested, target market buyers without having to go through expensive middle practices. Toy collectors can find any toy they need for their collection somewhere on the Internet, on an auction site or any of the numerous specific sites dedicated to that purpose.

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