How to choose the right Canidae dog food

Posted by abigaylemark on July 20th, 2017

Canidae dog food varieties are liked by the pet lovers for the versatility the formula offers. There are foods for puppies, adult dogs, aging dogs and overweight dogs. Following your veterinarian’s advice you should feed the dog the proper food according to its life stages and breed and also maintain the correct schedule. Generally, you bring the puppy home when it is at an age of 8 to 10 weeks. At that time, you have to feed her 3 to 4 times a day. This continues till they are about six months old. You should find out the food that was given to her at the breeder’s place and continue with it, unless your vet suggests otherwise. You can consider buying foods offered by Meals for Mutts as they also have a lot of varieties for dogs and cats.

Your choice of food should not cause any stress on the puppy and that chance is minimised when you either choose Meals for Mutts or Canidae dog food. These brands are extremely popular among pet owners. The puppy food you choose should be fed at the same time every day. It should contain ingredients that offer huge amount of energy to the puppy. It should have high level of protein and a correct balance of lime and phosphorus. You cannot feed the puppy with an adult dog food as the food does not contain adequate nutrients needed for the puppies.

Canidae dog food has some formulas especially made for the puppies. Feeding the puppies is not very difficult and all you have to do is to follow the instructions given at the pack. If you plan to feed the puppies or your cats home-cooked food, the ingredients have to be carefully chosen so that they get the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals and trace elements. You can however buy Meals for Mutts depending on the pet’s age, weight and breed. There are grain free and gluten free foods that come in a lot of flavours with turkey, chickpeas and vegetables that is perfect for an athlete dog.

As a pet owner we all know that how dangerous it is to overfeed your dogs. Some owners feed their pets with growth accelerators that can have serious impact on its health. But, when you feed them with foods from Meals For Mutts or Canidae Dog Food following the suggestions of the vet you are free of such worries. Canidae Life Stages range of products has six dry foods for your dogs that contain chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, rice bran, brown rice and white rice.

People these days research online before starting with Canidae dog food or Meals for Mutts to know about their ingredients, opinion of the users and vets. The research also helps them in finding the right food for their pets and to know how it is going to affect their health. Buying pet food and other accessories online is quite easy when you have reliable, well-stocked stores that deliver your supplies all over the country and within reasonable time.

Both Canidae dog food and Meals for Mutts have great benefits.

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