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Posted by Wen on July 21st, 2017

No one is talking about an early extension because few are sure he's long for the NBA.Kemba Walker exists on a different plane. His exploits at Madden NFL 18 Coins UConn bestowed an aura of victory. It's hard to see Walker as a Charlotte Hornet and not remember him as a glorious Husky. Walker has the mannerisms of a good teammate: he's positive, he looks like a leader and he gives effort on a consistent basis. No one believes Walker to be greedy or poisonous. Yet, his production data is strikingly similar to that of Waiters. While Walker is much more likely to net an assist as the point guard of record for Charlotte, he actually shoots worse than Waiters and just as frequently. Walker has never shot 40 percent from the field in a season. His career True Shooting percentage is .495, which is on par with Waiters' .487.SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA

NEWSLETTERGet news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.For their careers, both shoot about 16 times per 36 minutes and end up with nearly identical per-minute scoring averages. Walker tries, but he's not a great defender. He rebounds a little more and is a bit more likely to register a steal, but the advantages are small.

On paper, with the exception of assists, these are almost identical papers.Walker is the face of a team. Waiters is a punchline. A year ago, Walker signed a four-year, million contract that kicks in this season. As mentioned, Waiters is extremely unlikely to secure an early extension from Oklahoma City, so he'll be a restricted free agent in 2016.

Even with the coming salary cap explosion, hitting eight figures a season is a dream barring some massive improvement. Is this right? Is it fair?Well, little in life is truly fair. But I would argue that the visual and psychological context of Waiters as mediocre and Walker as a solid building block is actually accurate in spite of Buy MUT 18 Coins their similar production. Image and style matter. Confidence matters.Given a team of four average humans, Walker would expect to beat a team of four average humans and Waiters, in part because Walker's average humans would absolutely believe their

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