Benefits of Drinking Tap Water

Posted by John Smith on July 21st, 2017

You probably don't know this, but drinking regular old tap water can be so much more beneficial and healthy for you than drinking bottled water. Does that sound surprising? Well, there are many reasons for why tap water can be beneficial for you, and we're here to tell you. So read on to find out.

Tap Water: Cheap and Environment-Friendly

Drinking tap water is better for the environment because you’re not using plastic and having to dispose of it. So you’ll be doing the environment a huge favor by switching to tap water. Then there’s the fact that tap water is already a natural resource so why waste extra money to manufacture and consume plastic bottled water, and then waste even more money to recycle that plastic? Tap water is also cheaper. This might look like a very simple way to save money, but think about how much you spend on buying bottled water. It adds up to a huge amount, and you can save all that money simply by drinking tap water.

Health Benefits

And talking about the health benefits, tap water might have different chemicals in it, but so does bottled water. Because bottled water is, after all, stored in plastic bottles and nothing can be more harmful than plastic. So even the bottled water you consider safe is doused in chemicals from that plastic.

Filter Your Tap Water

So which one do you pick? Here’s what you do: drink tap water but use a water filtration and purification system. Since it doesn't make any sense first to buy bottled water and then filter it using a water purifier system, you can just use the tap water at your home and filter that. Tap water that you filter at home using your water filtration and purification system will result in the best-filtered water there is out there.

Top Water Filters

By now you’re wondering what the top water filters are because you only want the best water purifier system for your home of course. Don’t worry because we’ve got a list of the top water filters there are, so you don’t have to do any research on your own.

If you’re looking for a cheap filter that still gets the job done, then Proper Big and Big Berkley are your two best picks for the best filtered water. Both the filters are also easy to maintain, and their filtration is a combination of both ceramic and carbon block. The Propur Big is for 0 and the Big Berkey for a mere 6.

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