How much I save money drinking filtered water from tap

Posted by John Smith on July 21st, 2017

In almost all health information departments we get the same recommendation about water: A human being needs to drink about 8 glasses per day (64 ounces). While buying a bottle of water, we do not realize how costly it can be for us; not only regarding money but health as well.
Bottled water vs. Filtered water from tap.

Comparing the cost of bottled water with a purifier water system, we become aware of the fact that bottled water is way too much costly. There are many different types of purifier water systems available which offer the best water filters with an affordable cost. Among these, one of the best water filters is the basic pitcher-style system, which costs around with a requirement of a new filter every 40 gallons. This purifier water filter is used by a very few people in the U.S because of less or no awareness of it. Those who use purifier water filters have calculated the amount of savings they make per year. Some of the best filters for water are:  Binchotan Charcoal Sticks, Faucet Mount +1 filter, APEC 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter, etc. Until now, the Binchotan Charcoal Sticks seem as cheaper and best filters for water.
Save up your money with purifier water filters

Bringing the tap water into consideration, the amount of per 1000 gallons is about .50 in the U.S. Estimating the amount of water consumed per year by a family of four people is 730 gallons. (2gallons/day) Costing.10. Taking into account the chemicals, contamination, and pollutants in water bottles, the price of these bottles are something not to be overlooked. If calculated, the total amount of money spent on water bottles per year is around 14.67. Hence a family of four can potentially save about 78.57.

Adding up to this, when we examine the quality of tap water in the U.S, most of the tap water is safe. There is no need to a water filter anymore. Considering the fact, this can save up to another 5 per year for a family of four.

Hearing from a source from Minneapolis, Lisa Ledwidge of 38 says that she has stopped drinking bottled water since past couple of years:”You’re spending more per gallon than you would on gasoline for this thing that you can get out of the tap virtually free.”  Ledwidge says she only filters the water and drinks that instead of wasting money.

Not only this, but the Americans at the moment are buying 28 billion water bottles annually, it costs them around million to clean up the 23% of discarded trash. Many times, comments have been seen by people about how they don't need to the water filter they get for free, and most of the Americans are still seen buying water bottles.

Talking about the price per gallon, we come to realize that we need to stop buying water bottles which is not only messing with the environment but the amount of money in your pocket as well.

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