The Corrs - A Musical Legend

Posted by georginabelikov on August 30th, 2010

A band that consists of siblings is rare, especially when all of them plays a certain instrument that makes the band really unique from the others. One of these rare bands is called The Corrs.

The Corrs are four siblings from Dundalk, Ireland with a family that is really music enthusiasts. There are four of them, and each play a very important role in keeping the band. Jim, the only male, plays most of the instruments such as the piano, the guitar, and is the one who is responsible for the music set ups and arrangements of their albums. He is considered as the one who is making the band work for he is like a Dad to his three younger siblings. Sharon would always be identified with her violin, which when she plays, sends out a chill to every song that they played. She also does back up vocals, and she does a really good job with it. Caroline is one of the top female drummers of the world, but her skills are not limited to that. She can play the bodrahn, a traditional Irish musical instrument, as well as the piano which she did so in some of their songs. Together with Sharon, she also does back up vocals. Andrea, the youngest is the lead vocalist, and really, she's got an angelic voice. She can play the tin whistle as well, so she is not left out when it comes to their instrumental performances.

What made the Corrs different from all the other bands of their time is the music that they deliver to the people. They make great songs that are not just modern, but with the taste of the Irish style. When they perform, they do so enthusiastically, everyone of them playing the song as if it is their last. All of them would set into position, taking hold of their instruments, while at the same time, doing the vocals. Their voices are quite real good also, for two of their albums are live. They are among those very few artists who can do live performances without breaking down. If you see them in their concerts, you will see that it's really them singing, not just some recordings that they are performing with. They are notable for their good looks, amazing voices, and of course, their music that is unforgettable to every fan that they have.

Since their hiatus, their much awaited come back has not happened yet. All of them have their own families now, and they are concentrating on such. There are news that they might do a comeback soon, but until now, there has been no confirmation yet. They have left the world a legendary performance, and to this date, they are still well-loved.

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