What to Expect When You Are First Attempting Eyebrow Threading?

Posted by Ron William on July 21st, 2017

There is no tracing back to the history from where this concept of threading eyebrows has started. Once you have already enjoyed doing your eyebrows cherry, you will not want to stop.  It is one of the best tricks to get beautiful and shaped eyebrows. On the off chance that you are a virgin to the ancient hair removal techniques, let’s enlighten you with the most interesting way that you will unfurl when you experience the beauty of the eyebrows- that how magnificently it changes one's look!

Have you ever heard about the cotton twisting treatment? Well, do not be afraid when you are going for eyebrow shaping in a salon for the first time. It is advised, that you must go to experts to enjoy the best-shaped eyebrow for the first time. The notable salons situated in Australia are filled with professional experts who can make your look stunning.

Eyebrow Thredind

Things to expect on the first eyebrow threading day

Bearable pain

It mostly depends on the therapist and your tolerance level and the time of the month, how much pain you will feel.  Like, in winters, skin becomes too dry. Thus, the chances of heavy pain are very likely. The threading feels like the twisting of the numerous hairs together. Try not to recoil at that moment as you may end up some unlikely patches.

One at a time

The experts doing your eyebrow will ask you to stretch or pull your eyelids in an opposite direction so that the skin gets tightened (as we have sensitive loose skin in our eye area) which make it easy for the therapist to work. If you don't know what to do, ask the expert, and they will explain it to you.

Don’t wear a lot of makeup while going for an eyebrow

If you are going for the first time, try not to wear much makeup, this will make it very difficult for the expert to take necessary steps in doing your eyebrows. These will even smudge your entire eye makeup.

Have some patience

It is very normal since you have to squeeze your eyes a little bit; eye watering is a genuine reaction. It will stream out so just bear with it for few minutes.

Be clear about what shape you want

You must tell the eyebrow therapist that what kind of eyebrow shape your wish for. Be it narrow or broad; it should make you look good; ask for tips from the expert if you are confused.

You might have to decide whether you want trimmed eyebrows or not!

Once the eyebrow threading is done, it is basically optional whether you wish to do the trimming or not; it's advisable that you must do it. This somehow makes the eyebrow look extremely clean and in shape.

If you wish to really make your look magnificent, then shaping eyebrows is undoubtedly the best way to go about it. Go to an expert salon to enjoy the painless treatment of pampering your face delightfully.

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