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Posted by abigaylemark on July 21st, 2017

Fish and chips – how many of us rely on this as a staple meal at least once a day? Considering it’s your favourite, why not shift to healthy chips and sustainable fish for that matter. There are two advantages. One, you get to eat something that’s better for your physical health, and two, you are helping in conserving the environment and protecting the natural resources. Devoid of pesticides, the organically grown ingredients and kettle made chips and fries are a way better choice than the usual variety of chips. In a similar way, the depleting stock of sea fish is also affecting the oceanic ecosystem apart from other factors, making it absolutely essential that we chose sustainably obtained fish over the usual produce.

Growing concerns that overfishing is causing irreparable damages to the natural ecosystem of the ocean as well as the ocean floor, sustainable fishing has taken over as the choice of fishing process. You can be absolutely free of guilt while having sustainable fish because it is a part of fisheries done according to compliance regulations and which have lesser chances of being overfished because of their natural characteristics. They have the inherent traits of having a large natural stock to make up from the loss caused due to fishing. And, most importantly this process of fishing does not damage the ecosystem of the ocean. The diversity is kept unharmed, which of course is completely overlooked in the regular fishing process.

Sustainable fish is also available in organically processed packs which are free of pesticides, gluten, nut, corn, soy, egg, wheat, sugar, dairy and yeast. Such sustainable seafood is rich in omega-3 oils as well, which is good for your heart and overall health and well-being. Organic sunflower oil, spring water, extra virgin olive oil, brine etc., are used to preserve the fish. Now, let’s focus on some yummy and healthy chips. Can chips be healthy too? Yes, they can. Maybe it is not very remarkable but there is difference nonetheless.

Kettle made chips is fried in batches of lesser quantities and is a more time consuming process because it waits for the oil to cool down before frying the next batch. The ingredients are organic making these chips healthier than the regular variety of chips. The frying process makes that small but significant difference. However, it is recommended that you do keep a check on your bag of healthy chips and have it responsibly. So, you can have your daily dose of sustainable fish and chips along with some boiled veggies without a shred of guilt.

Get your pack of sustainable fish in varieties such as brisling sardines, anchovy fillets, tuna chunks in brine, Spanish mackerel in brine, mackerel fillets in organic olive oil, etc, and spice it up with a bag of healthy chips. Your choice of chips may include different flavours and ingredients such as barbeque, sweet and sour, vinegar and sea salt etc. There is bean and rice, seaweed rice, olive oil chips, rosemary chips among others. There is a healthy way to have fish and chips as well and you have just found it.

Browse through online stores selling healthy chips and sustainable fish and get your pack for a responsible eating today.

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