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Posted by Brian Miller on July 22nd, 2017

As you may remember, earlier people used to go to a pharmacy Charlottesville for filling up their prescription but the role of pharmacy is no longer limited to that. Now they have come up with more holistic approach to offer value added services to advise patients on how they can better manage their lifestyle and be more active in dealing with the health issues they are facing. They also provide options to the patients to consult with a Charlottesville nutrition coach who provides information and imparts knowledge to the patients to be more effective in self management of disease.

These value added services are not only offered to the individual customers but also to corporate clients. For example, a pharmacy Charlottesville can take up project with an employer to bring down their overall cost of healthcare for their employees. This will only be possible by educating the employees and encourage them to take more active role in healthcare. They often conduct workshops on lifestyle management which covers topics like weight management, fitness and nutrition. Some workshops are also designed exclusively for patients having diabetes or heart-related ailments in which a Charlottesville nutrition coach advises them on how better lifestyle and food habits can help them to lead a healthy life.  

A Charlottesville nutrition coach emphasizes on nutritional aspects of food which has a direct effect on the body, especially with respect to any specific disease. They explain you nutritional value of any food item and its impact on your body. They also explain what kind of food to consume and how that helps you to keep any specific ailment in control and also to cure. For example, for a diabetes patient they will help to design a diet chart that will keep the blood sugar level in control and also provide necessary calories and nutrients to your body. They may also suggest some vitamin or nutritional supplement which you can buy from local pharmacy Charlottesville.

Local pharmacy Charlottesville offers perfect setting for such discussions with the patients. Since you go there for buying your medicine, the Charlottesville nutrition coach gets to know some of the important facts about your health by just going through the prescription. They will help you understand the advice and recommendation of the physician. If you are suffering from high cholesterol level and the doctor has advised you to limit your saturated fat intake, the nutritionist will give you the example of such foods. Also, they will explain what to look for in the nutrition chart provided on the food label so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right kind of food.  

Charlottesville nutrition coach and pharmacy Charlottesville is the perfect combination that helps patients to remain healthy. It considerably reduces the recovery period as both the medication and the diet are considered together. This also helps the pharmacies to build up a strong, trusted relationship with the patients. They find it a wonderful way to connect with their customers and make a difference through improved health of the community.

Charlottesville nutrition coach at the pharmacy Charlottesville can prepare a customized nutrition plan for you.

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