Commercial and domestic Vloeren ideas, choose flooring with care

Posted by Brian Miller on July 22nd, 2017

Vloeren require different building concepts and tegels for different spaces. What is suitable for a commercial area is not so for a home. An office space, on the other hand, has entirely diverse necessities. Hiring professional floor installers pays because they are aware of the minute differences between various types of floors and can guide you in coming up with the right solutions. And, this too at a cost which will not burden your finances.

Commercial Vloeren – points to consider
The factors guiding commercial flooring include aesthetics, sustainability, cost and longevity. New product transparency requirements stress on sustainable building materials. So, environmental and health data are there for everyone to refer to when they need to choose any kind of building material, including floors. Natural look or wood look porcelain tiles with digital graphics are a trend in big offices. Rectilinear hardwood planks and hexagonal tiles are also on a huge demand when it comes to balancing style and functionality. Luxury vinyl tiles or LVT are often used as a substitute for hardwood to do away with the latter’s downers. LVT, along with vinyl tiles, linoleum and rubber can be resilient as well as stylish and easy to maintain.

Office spaces and retail floor designs
Both of these require inspired branding and aesthetics. The company’s image, logo and slogan play a decisive role in designing both retail and office spaces. At the same time, the need to change the tegels has to be kept in mind as well. They should not require much maintenance, be cost saving and durable and look great. Another factor for deciding on floor tiles for such space is that they may need to be changed from time to time. So, ease of installation becomes primary consideration here. A balance needs to be achieved between installation and maintenance costs in case of some business houses who would prefer to continue with their initial image for a longer duration. As such, LVT and porcelain are popular choices among designers.  

Home flooring – different rooms, different floors
Outdoor floors look good and last longer with natural stone because of their high resistance to the natural elements. Slate or granite is used for this purpose in entrance spaces so that that they don’t scratch easily. If moisture is not an issue then hardwood floors or one with ceramic tiles can do wonders to the first look of your house. Carpeting can be a very good option for bedrooms. Dining and kitchen spaces are, more often than not, attached to each other. So, it makes sense to continue the same theme. In any case, both are high-traffic areas prone to stain, moisture and scratch. Ceramic tiles or laminate tiles are obvious choices. While living room flooring needs to go with your home decor, carpet or tile, bathrooms demand natural stone, mosaic or marble tiles to look great and last long.  

It’s easy to understand how the tegels differ from one place to another and what are the factors guiding this dissimilarity. Vloeren are important for the way they look. But they have to be chosen after a lot of consideration for the design to work out and ensure a cost effective elegance to home, office or other facilities.

Choosing tegels and Vloeren for residential, commercial and office spaces require different considerations. Keeping this in mind would save installation and maintenance costs.

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