How To Use Ebay ?Listing Tools?.

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Listing tools automate the process of adding listings to eBay, to stop you having to go through the ?Sell Your Item? process every time. There is a surprising amount of choice out there when it comes to eBay listing tools, to the point where you might not know what to choose. Here?s an overview of what?s useful and what?s not.

Turbo Lister.

Turbo Lister is a free download from eBay, and allows you to sell on eBay without ever having to actually visit the site. You can write descriptions, save them and list them over and over again ? if you want to, you can even do most of your eBay work offline, and just go online for a few seconds to upload it.

You can list in bulk and schedule your listings to start any time. Since this is eBay?s officially supported program, you?re guaranteed that upgrades to eBay?s site will never break it and leave you out in the cold. Personally, though, I find the design quite bad ? it?s not really that much easier than just going through eBay directly.


Also from eBay, this is what used to be called the ?Seller?s Assistant?. It?s a downloadable program, but it?s more powerful than Turbo Lister is. It lets you do everything in bulk: listing, re-listing, and even feedback. You can export your sales data to an accounting program, and track your auctions while they?re still going on. You only have to enter things like payment choices and shipping details once, and they?re saved forever.

So where?s the disadvantage? It costs $9.99 per month, or $24.99 for the pro version, which also lets you print shipping labels in bulk and manage an inventory.

Andale Lister.

If you want to try something that?s not been made by eBay, Andale?s lister is still web-based, but aims to streamline the process.

You can create ?profiles? with different selections for your auctions. For example, you could create a ?Normal? profile that doesn?t include any of the listing upgrades, a ?Promote? profile that includes Bold and Highlight, and a ?Super Promote? profile that buys Bold, Highlight and Featured Plus. This makes it easier to choose the set of options you want for each item.

It?s all about saving things you?ve done. Each time you upload a picture, it gets added to a ?Picture Library? for you to use again, and you can store an inventory and choose from it to create a listing. You also get nicer-looking templates than eBay provide.

Of course, if eBay had their act together then this is what their own process would be like ? but they?re happy for third-parties to make money doing the work instead of upgrading their own site. Andale Lister can cost anywhere between 20c and 4c per listing, as you get discounts for volume.

Now that you?re listing in bulk, you can spend more time trying to attract people to come and bid on your auctions. But how should you be doing your marketing? In the next email, we?ll go through some of the options available to you.

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