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Posted by nash john on July 24th, 2017

Today Runescape has released the F2P castle war. For those who are not familiar with the "Castle War", this is a mini-game based on the capture of the flag. There are two relative castles, each representing two gods of RuneScape: Saradomin and Zamorak. Your opposing team's criteria must be captured and returned to your base to score. This war will make you fight on the castle defense, or fight in the underground tunnel. RSorder now introduce cheap runescape 2007 gold and the details about this update.

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How to get there?

Castle War is located in the southwest corner of Kandora, far from the White Mountain. Naturally, the land between the Castle War and the Taverley Gate can not enter non-members, and they still can not enter. In order to ensure easy access to the castle war, Runescape added a portal to the clan war. The portal will be sent to the castle lobby.

Notice:When arriving at the castle war, you may see the castle gate closed tightly, which could cause an alarm. This is done to ensure that you leave more exploration drive in the castle war, not to hover. Click the goalkeeper to provide a return to Clan Wars.

What is the offer the reward?

The completion of the castle war in F2P will continue to provide the same number of votes as the member variant. However, the rewards offered at Lanthus's shops are different. You will be able to purchase decorative melee armor, shroud and shawl. As the accompanying statistics increase, no halo, decorative style and decorative magic suits are provided.

Mod Stone v Mod Sween

In order to show the arrival of F2P Castle Wars, Mods Stone and Sween will compete with each other, and will decide who will rule you on the supreme! Come on and go to the world 383 castle war! Swear your faithful to Mod Stone, Saradomin's hero, or mod Sween, Zamorak's champion.

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