Selling Item On Ebay: An Introduction

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The phrase "selling item on eBay" can be understood from two different angles. Since I don't know from which angle you are viewing it, I will talk about both.

One can understand selling item on eBay as, "I want to sell an item on eBay." On the other hand, one can also understand selling item on eBay as, "What are the items that are selling on eBay?"

First, let me talk about selling item on eBay from the perspective of you wanting to sell items on eBay.

To sell items on eBay, you need to be a registered member of eBay and you need to register as a seller.

The seller registration process involves you verifying your identity, selecting the way you will be paying your seller fees, and you need to offer either PayPal or a merchant account credit card as payment options for your buyers.

The process of becoming a seller is free of charge.

It is also important to read and understand the rules for sellers. eBay has comprehensive help available that tells you all the rules, give you seller tips, and gives you a seller checklist.

Now, let's talk about selling item on eBay from the angle of what items are selling on eBay.

One would think that almost any item sells on eBay. That would be true, but some items do sell better than others.

To make money selling items on eBay, you need to focus on those that are the better sellers.

One way to find out what items are selling on eBay is to simply study the main page of eBay. They highlight many items and item categories. You can be pretty sure those are items that sell very well on eBay.

eBay Pulse is also a great way to find the most popular items. eBay Pulse shows you the ten keywords that people search for most often overall and per item category.

If lots of people search for an item, you can be sure that the item is selling well.

I hope I've helped you in a small way to better understand selling item on eBay, regardless from which angle you were thinking about it before reading this.

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