The world?s largest diamond ring picture

Posted by aierjewelry on July 24th, 2017

The world’s largest diamond ring price how much money? At present, the world’s largest diamond ring is the British jeweler show rare 40 carat diamond ring, this piece of diamond ring is valued at 14.75 million yuan. This ring is designed by the designer to spend a year to build, inlaid with two 20 karats of diamonds. Because it is too rare, jeweler for it arranged a professional bodyguard.
The world’s largest diamond ring

The world’s largest diamond ring of these two diamonds from the same piece of drilling, very match each other. Designer Amy Burton spent a year to create this rare treasure, she also said that the two diamonds are very rare, they have never seen such a big and match each other diamonds. This is for everyone to look at the ring is waiting for a favor of the rich, repayment sold.

The world’s largest diamond ring picture

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. The world’s largest diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet ring is only 40 carats, but the world’s largest diamond is far greater than this, the world’s largest diamond is “Cullinan” diamonds, the weight of 3106 karats, the size of the equivalent of an adult man’s fist. It is pure and transparent, with light blue tones, is the best grade of diamonds.
The world’s largest diamond ring picture

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. The world ‘s largest diamond “Cullinan” was split after. The total weight of 1063.65ct, only “Kulainan” the original weight of 34.25%. By the “Cullinan” ground into nine large diamonds, all owned by the British royal family. 9 of the largest one named “African Star I”, the weight of 530.2ct, pear shape, a total of pondering 74 faces. It is now the largest diamond, set in the British king’s power. The second largest is called the “Star of Africa II”, the weight of 317.4ct, the appearance of square, grinding with 64 faces, it is the world’s second largest diamond, is now set in the middle of the British Empire crown.

The world’s largest diamond ring picture. Because the human hand is too small, so even if the world’s largest diamond inlaid into a ring, but also can not wear, so the world’s largest diamond ring and then big no big place to go. Generally very large diamonds are directly collected, not mosaic, there are like “African Star I” embedded in the scepter, or crown, or inlaid into a pendant to wear.
What is the meaning of a diamond pendant? Diamond pendant, is set in the diamond pendant, when the summer comes, faded thick clothing, revealing graceful posture, nature of the United States and the United States to make every beauty so that every beauty lady want to show in this summer show self Have the temperament, have more attention to the focus! What is the meaning of a diamond pendant? This depends on what shape the diamond pendant, as well as the shape of the diamond, size and so on.

1, diamond pendant size on behalf of the meaning: one, 10 points diamond pendant, very diamond pendant symbolizes the perfect, is the symbol of love wholeheartedly!

Two, 13 points diamond pendant, 13 is a homophonic life, send her a cherished from life, I believe who will be moved.

Three, 25 points diamond pendant, 25 points is also 0.25 carats, careful you in turn will find this is a symbol of 520 Oh, with such a diamond to send her, silent love to believe that she must feel the meaning of Italy.

Four, 27 points diamond pendant, 27 is the wife of the homophonic, love your day Replica Cartier jewelry to send your love token, to express your eternal love for his wife.

Five, 30 points diamond pendant, 30 points diamond pendant already have a certain guarantee value, but also past life, life and future love symbol, this love from time and space constraints, forever. Six, 40 points diamond pendant, 40 is I said that this world you have enough.

Seven, 50 points diamond pendant, 50 is half of the 100, half of you, half of me, they formed a hundred percent of life, which is accompanied by love with life, the symbol of the desire to grow old together.

Eight, 1 carat diamond pendant, one hundred points of the good meaning, I love you, wholeheartedly.

Nine, two carat diamond pendant, I and you formed us, a person’s world alone, two people’s sweet sweet honey.

2, the shape of the diamonds diamond diamonds on behalf of the meaning: First, round diamond pendant: it symbolizes the feelings of trust and dependence, the family always with the responsibility, is the guardian of the representative shape of love.

Second, heart-shaped diamond pendant: heart-shaped diamond pendant is all the shape of the most lovable shape, sweet shape, advocating romantic or distinctive women will particularly like heart-shaped diamond, it is the representative of the romantic love shape, if you want Give her a romantic love, may wish to heart to drill to express it!

Third, the emerald-shaped diamond pendant: it looks simple and stable, a symbol of the piano and Ming, is purely representative of the shape of love, usually in simple and compact design style show, to show women’s classical elegance.

Four, drop-shaped diamond pendant: the shape of the water drops like an angel’s tears, lovely, very beautiful. Water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shining bright.

Diamond pendant style meaning Daquan

Diamond pendant style meaning Daquan. First, the classic wave point diamond pendant. Simple and concise, simple and concise, atmospheric fashion, and because it is package set, no claws, smooth and clean, easy to hook clothes, suitable for everyday wear. Simplicity is beauty, no matter what the first case, it can be an indispensable companion to you.

Second, group of diamond pendant. For example, Zuo Kayi electric shock pendant, by a large main drill, and 10 small drill group inlaid, very obvious drill, shoulder kar effect pendant. Speaking of group craftsmanship, many of the jewelry industry’s luxury masterpiece has adopted a group of inlay craft, it is more expressive, more delicate visual effects, of course, the producers of the manual process more stringent, usually only experienced mosaic master side Can skillfully control.

Third, the romantic heart pendant. Heart-shaped diamond pendant, with the heart of the shape, with the name of love, from the heart to release the power of love. Full of deep feeling, contains a designer of the deep understanding of love and deep blessing, bearing in mind the happy times in life, the real interpretation of the A DIAMOND IS FOREVER.


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