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Instructions On Brushing Babies Teeth Using Baby Toothbrush

Posted by davidbutler in Health on July 25th, 2017

It is good to always note the changes in the baby’s behavior, especially when it comes to teething. This is because when the teeth start to show up, most babies are seen trying to chew on anything that they come across. This is to help them get rid of the pain in the jaws and it clearly indicates that the baby teeth are to be cleaned and maintained well.
In this article focus will be put on what one has to do for his/her baby before teething, when teething and the general maintenance of the teeth. It is good to equip oneself with the right information on how to make use of the baby toothbrush in order to avoid hurting the baby that in most cases will lead to the bleeding of the gums.

Introducing the baby toothbrush before teething occurs

Cleaning of the teeth of the baby should not start once the first teeth have shown up. It has to be done early enough through wiping the gums using the washcloth that has to be wet. The idea of wiping the gums from the start is to get rid of the bacteria and it can be difficult to determine the start of the teeth growing. This greatly helps in making the baby to be used to the cleaning process thus making it easy for the introduction of the baby toothbrush once the teeth have shown up.

Use of the baby toothpaste in the cleaning process

In most cases, the teeth in the babies are seen to start growing at the age of 6 to 12 months and this demands the use of the baby toothbrush to clean them. The baby toothpaste can only be used for the baby above 2 years, but if this is not the case for one’s baby, then he/she is advised to make use of the fresh water together with the gauze.
The baby toothpaste that should be used on the babies has to be mild in order to enable the baby to be used to cleaning the teeth with the toothpaste. One should not apply a large amount of the toothpaste on the baby toothbrush; it has to be about the size similar to the pea. There are cases where the baby may dislike teeth cleaning, but this does not mean that one has to give up on cleaning the baby’s teeth. This can be handled by encouraging the baby to clean the teeth of the doll that has to be followed by the actual cleaning of the baby’s teeth.

Baby toothbrushes; general care and maintenance

The baby teeth are not an exemption when it comes to tooth decay. The best way to avoid the teeth decay among babies is to embrace wiping of the babies’ gums early enough that should be followed by brushing with the help of the baby toothbrush. Taking the baby for the dental checkup is a good idea. Tooth decay among babies should be handled slightly because if it doesn’t look at, it can affect the nutrition and speech of the baby.

Info Source: Baby Gear Lab

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