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Posted by Asian LAW College (ALC) on July 25th, 2017

Lawyers have become an integral part of the communities. Their participation in enforcing the Nation's laws is critical in maintaining peace and order in society. People can speak quiet well for themselves, but not everyone can speak effectively within a legal setting that has different set of rules and regulations to present a case. Such a situation demands for exceptional lawyers who can represent their concerns, issues and plea through legal cases and documents.

The process of becoming an outstanding lawyer begins with enthusiasm and sincerity towards the legal profession and the framework this field operates. Further, through exploration, experimentation and practice a good lawyer can become a brilliant legal representative. Law graduates from top law schools in India must possess the desirable attributes of an effective lawyer. Let us look at some of these characteristics.

Legal profession may involve cases that demand considerable hours of work. A lawyer must have perseverance and commitment to drive the work to a successful completion. He/she should also be capable of handling unique problems and situations that arise inside and outside of the courtroom.

Analytical research skills are what law firms look for in a candidate suitable for legal profession. Excellent analytical skill is essential to process large volume of information available, where the research aptitude will aid in devising legal strategy during the exploration phase through investigative efforts. Logical thinking ability in lawyers will come in handy when making reasonable assumptions based on factual data or information presented.

Reading comprehension and writing skills are one of the most critical characteristics every legal professional must possess, right from lawyers to paralegals or the legal assistants. It is important for them to understand the complex information encountered in legal research and documents, and to prepare compelling arguments, briefs, motions, and other legal documents based on their understanding.

Great lawyers and paralegals have excellent interpersonal skills and public speaking skills. These communication skills are must haves for bridging communication gap with clients and cultivating trust-levels with them, motivating them, and addressing the members of the courtroom with conviction, and last but not the least for building healthy professional relationship with co-workers and colleagues.

Typically, law colleges in India offer degree courses as Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) for undergraduates and Master of Law (LL.M.) for graduates. There are some autonomous law schools that offer integrated undergraduate degrees such as B.A LL.B which are of five-year duration. The current legal education system has come of age. The curriculum now provides equal focus on soft-skills training and technical training in law. Law aspirants should be made aware of the essential skills to soar high in legal career.

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