Common mistakes to avoid while doing stock futures trading

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on July 25th, 2017

Stock futures trading means trading of stocks based on agreements. Stock futures are financial contracts made by buyer or seller which is a proof of a transaction of stocks. Futures contracts include the bulk of stocks which is to be sold on the particular date and time. Stock futures trading is a good option to invest money in stocks and earn a profit on it.


Stock futures trading include preparation of an agreement which is made between buyer and seller which have all specification like expiry date, unit of stocks, size and method of settlement.


Investment in share market always need expertise and better market knowledge, little mistakes can lead you to loss of your money. Trading tips like stock tips, futures tips can help a trader to perform better in share market and build a better platform to trade. Following are some common mistakes which should be avoided in stock futures trading -


1.Lack of a trading plan

This is the most common mistake made by traders that they often start trading without any proper plan and guidance. Just like in the war, planning ahead can lead you to the success. It shows the difference between success and failure. A good structure trading plan will help a trader to build a strong strategy regarding right investment. Many people avoid planning because they do not want to waste their time or they consider planning is not very useful for trading.


Planning includes -

1. What are the available segments to invest?

2. How much money you want to invest and how much profit you want to earn on it?

3. Which strategy will be best for you?

4. How much money can you afford?



2.Failure to control risk in trading

Risk management is magnificent in every field, same as investment field an investor has to know how to control risk in the stock market. Selection of right strategies can make money for you with least efforts and lowest risk. Managing risk is important as the main objective of risk management is to ensure that your money is used wisely and you are profitable in the stock market. It is important because we often see many active and intelligent traders also lose their management skills at the time of bad trading results that is why management of risk is must control future's bad situations.


3.Lack of self -discipline

It is the backbone of trading, you should be self-controlled and disciplined. It improves your trading success and enhances your profit earning and decision-making ability. If you are self-disciplined, you can handle negative situations in trading.Many people who are new in the market, they don't know how to control the situation, in this case, an investor can take help of experts who can help him in a better way. Many financial specialists provide best quality stock futures tips with an aim to help traders to improve their trading performance.


These points are simple and easy to understand for traders. An investor can earn a good profit by following strong strategies and expert guidance.

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