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Gone are the days when only the incredibly rich could afford flights. With air travel becoming increasingly cheap day by day, there are now business class flights available at discounted airfares as well! Travel isn’t a luxury anymore, it is a lifestyle statement. An increasing number of people are booking last minute flights and jetting off on the spur of the moment to experience the adventure that comes with traveling. Online websites like Indian Eagle travel agency and others have made travel that much easier by offering flight tickets from USA to India at incredibly low rates. So with this changing and ever evolving pattern in the tourism industry, what are the latest travel trends one can look out for in 2017 you might ask? As per various studies and Travel Gurus, there are definitely certain trends one can expect to watch out for this year.

 Gone are the days when only the incredibly rich could afford flights. With air travel becoming increasingly cheap, Travel isn’t a luxury anymore, it is a lifestyle statement.

1. Bleisure Travel

    A combination of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ has what’s given birth to this concept of ‘Bleisure’ travel these days. More and more business travelers are choosing to extend their business trips and turn them into personal experiences. Many corporates are now permitting executives to travel on business with their families in tow for constructive breaks and a more productive outcome. While the trend hasn’t caught on yet like wildfire, one can certainly expect it to do so this year.

2. Solo Traveling

    There are an increasing number of people, men and women alike, who are opting to go off on solo adventures across the globe. Whatever the budget, reason, or destination, solo travelers have made the world their stage indeed! With travel agencies offering the best deal on international flights, there is no dearth of cheap plane tickets. Taking a break from ordinary, mundane and stressful life, these solo travelers are dominating the travel industry and exploring the world on their own.

3. Food Travel

    While this as a concept was already existent to a large degree, there is a growth upwards on the graph that marks travelers who travel for the love of food. Whether solo or in groups, ‘food travelers’ experience this adventurous style of roaming the world in search of incredible food. Blogs are written about ethnic and diverse food of areas that can range anywhere from Vietnam to Hong Kong. Several of these blogs also provide recipes of famous dishes the blogger fell in love with. This has always been a happening travel trend and seems only to go upscale.

4. Minimalism and Going Green

    A commendable trend set by travelers which seems to be picking up speed this year is the Go Green travel trend. Mindful of the impact traveling does to places they are visiting, often times travelers take the eco-friendly options available to them. For instance, instead of renting a car that might pollute the air, several choose to walk/hike across new destinations and explore on foot. Hotels or hostels which use sustainable energy are the ones that are in demand by travelers conscious of preserving their surroundings. Minimalism is when they choose not very upscale or modern accommodation, but one that is neat and fulfills all their basic requirements. There is no need to splurge on over-the-top accommodations but rather choose those which are simpler and hassle-free. A praiseworthy trend, we hope this one definitely catches on more.

5. Adventure Travel

    Travelers who are adrenalin junkies always on the lookout for new and exciting adventures to try out have brought about this incredible trend. They travel around the world in search of exciting, often times dangerous, things to try. Bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing, snorkeling, skydiving, trekking and scuba diving are some of the most popular adventure activities people travel to other places in search of. For instance, Maharashtra has some of the best trekking spots in India so people would book Business class to Mumbai and travel there for an exciting trek.

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