Golf Tips For Making Precise Wedge Shots

Posted by Rajiv Partap Singh on July 25th, 2017

There are several mistakes that golfers commit when using wedge on the green and end up taking the game down. To properly use the wedge, you need to understand how to set it up for a shot. The last thing you want is to overwork one wedge and so you’d be better off having additional clubs for a golf course.

  • Find target

You might need to align the shot using a golf club but it is important that you first find your target. It should be along your line of sight.

  • Allow space for your arms

Your arms should be free rather than stiff. You need to stand a bit far from the ball so that the arms can move freely.

  • Shift weight

As you hit the ball down, let the leading foot carry most of the weight. It prevents you from catching a lot of green between club face and the ball.

  • Test your swing

This enables you to determine if a position is excessively cramped or not. If it is cramped, take the leading foot a few inches backwards and make sure that it is aligned properly.

  • Stance

Your two feet should be horizontal to the shaft which is between them. This ensures that the ball always stays at a mid -point between the feet.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Keep on trying as many times as you can. You have to work harder if you want perfection.

  • Angle

Your lead foot should be angled to the target. That way, it makes it easier to make turns. Always keep the left feet down as a pivot. Your heels determine your stance.

  • Use extra club

To align a shot, place an extra club on the ground and mark a position of the ball. The shaft should directly point the ball, remain vertical to the target, and extend backwards.

Lastly, make sure that you use golf course supplies the way they should be. Conventional practices ensure that your shots are on point, but the aforementioned tips will help you become a master putter.

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