5 Essential Tips for Casting Film

Posted by Satyam Raj on July 26th, 2017

5 Essential Tips for Casting Film

Whether it’s a short film you want to make or a full-length movie, getting right actors onboard remains a big challenge for most production studios. It’s pretty much a tedious process, not to mention, mind boggling too. While film production houses work through networks and film casting agencies, there are a few who get the desired film casting for their movie. And those who get it right have a success mantra to their heart. Here’s what you must consider too –

Mass Audition – NO, NO, NO!!!
Doing a mass audition for your film casting may sound like an easier task. However, it boosts your investment of time since there’s always a minimum timeslot for every actor. That being said, you also need to brief them; your time for providing direction goes down. You may also end up hurrying the process, resulting in miss out of the one deserved and your desired actor. Big loss! Isn’t it? You rather pre-screen actor’s resume, shortlist and then put them through the audition. This will give you enough time to look at the actors playing given roles, maybe even ask them to do multiple auditions too.

Direction is Important
You may feel a pinch for time during the long hours of audition, but if you do not direct the actors for audition, it may cost you even more. Actors may or may not be able to do the justice to the described characters in the short script provided by you. This does not mean they are not deserving. Sometimes it’s difficult to get it right for the first time. That’s when your intervention would help. So direct as much as possible.

Pairing is good
Many successful film agencies think of this as an effective strategy. Pairing up actors for audition reaps you many benefits. In one-time slot, you are accommodating 2 – 3 actors playing different characters. You get to see the chemistry between the actors and how well they perform with others, which otherwise would be difficult to evaluate in the mono screening.

Callbacks pay off
As a film casting agency in Mumbai, you may feel callbacks may be time consuming. But they serve greatly the purpose of casting the great talent for your film. You can look at this even if when you have kind of shortlisted your cast. Look at the talent who couldn’t make it through the first audition as well. You will not regret.

Casting director is great help
If you have a good budget, you should seriously consider hiring a casting director. Here’s why – it will provide you the access to additional resources, you are relieved of the legwork. You can hold up multiple sessions and save on time.
We discussed some of the important tips which can make your film casting process a smooth sail. Remember to be pick and choose wisely at every step, from short listing actors to callbacks to hiring your casting director. These are the game changers.

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