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The software package development sector typically thinks of machine-controlled testing to avoid wasting the bills of manual testing.
Selenium could be a free machine-controlled testing suite and not one tool. every tool of the seleniumcaters distinct testing desires of an organization. There square measure four parts in selenium–
1. Selenium IDE
2. Selenium RC
3. Selenium Grid
4. Web Driver

Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) could be a prototyping tool for building take a look at scripts.Selenium IDE is that the simplest framework within the suite of seleniumand is best one to find out. It acts as a Firefox plugin that programmers will simply install like another plug-in. Since it's the best framework, it's used as a prototyping tool. If programmers need to make additional advanced take a look at cases, they will either use seleniumRC or net Driver.
Selenium RC
Selenium remote (RC) was the primary machine-controlled net testing tool that permit users apply a programing language of their selection. It supports the subsequent programming languages-

• Java
• Python
• Perl
• C#
• Ruby

Selenium Grid
Selenium -Grid permits the Selenium RC resolution to scale for big take a look at suites and for take a look at suites that has got to be run in multiple environments. seleniumGrid permits you to run your tests in parallel, that is, completely different|completely different} tests will be run at an equivalent time on different remote machines. This has 2 benefits. First, if you've got an oversized take a look at suite, or a slow-running take a look at suite, you'll boost its performance well by exploitation seleniumGrid to divide your take a look at suite to run completely different|completely different} tests at an equivalent time exploitation those different machines. Also, if you want to run your take a look at suite on multiple environments you'll have completely different remote machines supporting and running your tests in them at an equivalent time. In every case seleniumGrid greatly improves the time it takes to run your suite by creating use of data processing.

Web Driver
The Web Driver has tested itself a stronger selection than each seleniumIDE and seleniumRC in many aspects. It involves additional trendy and stable approach in automating the browser’s action. It doesn't rely upon JavaScript for automation. In fact, the online Driver regulates the browser by directly interacting with it. This different automation tool provides all kinds of awful options, as well as a additional cohesive and object familiarised API further as a solution to the constraints of the previous implementation.

Flexibility and Extensibility
You’ll notice that seleniumis extremely versatile. There square measure some ways you'll add practicality to each seleniumtake a look at scripts and Selenium’s framework to customise your take a look at automation. this is often maybe Selenium’s greatest strength when put next with different automation tools. These customizations square measure represented in numerous places throughout this document. additionally, since seleniumis Open supply, the sourcecode will continuously be downloaded and changed.
Hope this temporary info was useful for you to own a plan regarding selenium.

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