A Travelers Guide to Finding Unique Vacation Rentals in Europe

Posted by Pocketinns Inc. on July 27th, 2017

Certain moments and feelings can never be expressed, they can only be experienced. Europe is one such experience. The perfect destination for a tourist smitten by the wanderlust bug, Europe offers a well-rounded experience in terms of sights, sounds, smells and a fabulous climate. The scenic splendor of ice capped mountains, the verdant greenery, the pristine blue waterways and the friendly populace offer a combination difficult to replicate elsewhere. Travelers planning to enjoy a rich experience may do well to complement their experience with the choice of the best vacation rental in Europe. Here is a cheat sheet to help travelers find their way to the best accommodation.

Unique offerings – short stay, long stay and instant bookings
Some trips are often decided on the spur of the moment. An inspiration, an impulsive decision or a romantic getaway may sometimes call for accommodation arrangements at short notice. Rather than having to click on countless sites and work the telephones on long distance calls, only to get the same reply, it is best to look at vacation rentals that offer seamless and swift reservations. Look at service providers who offer bookings at short notice. Often, trips decided on short notice also happen to last for a shorter duration. Rather than having to pay for a longer period of stay, choose options where you get to pay only for shorter periods.

Bid your way through to best prices
Service providers who offer travelers the option to bid for the locations, based on what they get to see and perceive is definitely a path breaking option that is worthy of merit and serious consideration. Imagine being offered the option of choosing the price band, against a set of properties that are listed. This is quite unlike search criteria options that list out places in your price band. This is the real game changer that actually allows you to intimate how much you are willing to shell out for the stay. Based on the acceptance and the baseline criteria, you get to stay in one of the vacation rentals on acceptance of bid by host. This incidentally is a lot different from search listings, where there actually is no guarantee of getting accommodation; you only get to see hotels and resorts that may have also had accommodation at those prices.

Take advantage of available accommodation
Full occupancy is a myth. Very rarely do hotels, resorts and condominiums enjoy 100% occupancy. The percentage of days when the places are left unoccupied are actually a drain on the earnings. If you have flexible dates and are willing to fit in a visit to Europe under the best rates, then the service of some of the top vacation rental agencies may be just what you are looking for. The innovative options offered are more like a customized listing to meet your needs. Choose locations of your choice and availability is mapped with the prices and dates. Reserving accommodation is as simple as choosing the preferred dates, which will effectively be the best ever rates – year-round.

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