How to use Google maps marketing strategies to battle the loss of store traffic

Posted by alicefarnadize on July 27th, 2017

You will be surprised to know that several franchisee as well as common stores are losing their traffic because one or the other reason. Most of these brands are losing their market because of lacking behind in location based searches. They are not making use of the platform called Google maps marketingto make them visible; hence their business is suffering from the same.

Some of the latest statistics states that, “85 percent to 95 percent of consumer engagement with brands happens through location-based assets. Use of location in advertising provided up to a 27 percent lift in specific campaigns run by Wendy’s.”

The statistics are self-explanatory in regards to the importance of using location based marketing or Google maps marketing. The major high ranking brands are losing a fair share of market to their competitors because of their ignorance to the importance of location based searches.

Some brands pop-ups whenever they are with location based searches as they make use of this trending technology and also use the right format of SEO techniques. You will be surprised to know that, “Google controls 95 percent of mobile search market share, hence Google Maps is critical to local search.” The statement indirectly or directly tells the fact that making use of Google maps marketingis definitely help in growing the business and making it visible.

For instance, if you search, “food outlets in time square” and your outlet has not included the location in its listing or is not registered in Google maps then your name will not be among those top names of the list which catches more pair of eyes. Hence, a drop in your business market. Doesn’t matter if you have 5 outlets in that specific area, if you don’t tell Google about in the right format then, it will not tell people.


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