Different Types of Laser Sheet Labels

Posted by Sania Baker on July 27th, 2017

The use of blank label sheets cannot be stressed enough. They are used in every single business spanning all industrial sectors. Whether you own a publishing company, a law firm, or manage an e-commerce store, labels come into use every step of the way.

Since the rise of modern technology, both ink jet and laser printers have made a comfortable place in our homes and offices. There is no such thing as requiring a third-party professional printing service anymore. Although large organizations can choose to do that; but due to a sequence of events leading up to keeping company secrets confidential, an in-house printing and labeling division is now more common than it ever was.

Labels come in all shapes and sizes, which in turn come in a multitude of uses. Blank label sheets find a diverse use in terms of application, some of them are listed below as taken from a US-based labeling company, BegaLabel. 

  • Industrial – computer labels, equipment labels, quality control labels, warehouse labels, wire labels, pharmacy labels, agricultural labels, nursery labels
  • Commercial – bag labels, barcode labels, bath and body product labels, candle labels, price, sale, retail, soap, cosmetics, clothing labels.
  • Food & Beverage – beverage labels, bottle labels, coffee bag labels, expiration, jar, medical, ingredients, FDA labels
  • Directional – safety labels, warning labels, hazard labels, caution labels, chemical warning labels
  • Stationery – Envelope labels, mailing and address labels, media labels, CD & DVD labels, Decorative labels
  • Miscellaneous Packaging – Crate label, container label, box label, cover-up label, instrument label, shipping label, cargo label, canning label

& lot more.

Almost all varieties of labels found on the market, regardless the label maker, can be printed on both, laser jet and ink jet printers. If you manage a marketing firm that is in regular need of printing labels, then ordering them in a bulk would be time-saving and cost effective.

You can purchase blank label sheets for addresses and mailing labels in various sizes, for instance-

  • 2-5/8" x 1" Address and Mailing Labels with 30 labels per sheet or,
  • 13/4" x 1/2" Return Address Labels, Mailing Labels with 80 labels per sheet.

Another option for an e-commerce store owner via eBay, Amazon, or Facebook store operator, you will find a great use of blank label sheets for shipping. Consider the following options-

  • 4" x 3-1/3" shipping and address labels, 6 labels per sheet
  • 4" x 5" shipping and mailing labels, 4 labels per sheet
  • 8-1/8" x 5" shipping labels, 2 labels per sheet

For those of you who have a lot of CD's or DVD's from the bygone era, you do not have to manage all the covers that are fragile and inconvenient overtime. Instead, you can buy a CD/DVD case to store them safely and use these CD & DVD labels to sort them into your chosen category. Consider using-

  • 4-1/2" CD & DVD Label, 2 per sheet or, 
  • 4-5/8" CD & DVD Label, 2 per sheet.

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