Top E Cig Accessories And Their Benefits

Posted by Brian Buchanan on July 27th, 2017

Creating a custom vaping experience that is unique to individual tastes, preferences and styles is one of the possibilities offered with vaping. These personalized experiences are not possible with traditional analog cigarettes. If you’re bored of smoking cigarettes and want to liven up your smoking consider customized vaping instead. Customized vaping starts with choosing from the popular e cig accessories that are crafted to work with specific mods and even Advanced Personal Vaporizers or APVs, all of which you can buy at The Vape Mall - the Cheapest Online Vapor Store.

Drip Tips
One of the most popular items in any category of e cig accessories are drip tips. These tips are designed to allow the user to continually add a small amount of e-juice into the space where it is immediately used. Different manufacturers provide different designs, styles and colors. Quality drip tips are made of stainless steel or materials such as Delrin, a highly durable thermoplastic. Whether a drip tip is slender and tall or thicker and wider, these are the perfect way to customize your vaping experience. As they are easy to use and a breeze to clean, many people like to have several different styles on hand to suit their vaping needs on a day to day basis.

Battery Chargers
With the more sophisticated Li-ion batteries comes the need for more advanced chargers. Using these chargers allows you to charge multiple batteries, even those of different types, all at the same time and through the same charging device. These units will automatically detect the type of battery as well as the correct charging level. Designed to ensure batteries are never over-charged and do not heat during the charging process they can extend the life of the batteries, saving you money over time. Of course, it is also a wise decision to have a few USB chargers handy. These are perfect to keep in the vehicle, in a briefcase or purse or in any device case for quick and easy charging on the go.

Bottles and Nozzle Tops
To be able to bring just a small supply of e-juice with you rather than the full bottle, particularly if you order the larger sizes, the small 15 or 30ml bottles are ideal. By also choosing the nozzle tops you can easily transfer e-liquid from bottle to bottle without spilling or waste.

Replacement rings, extra batteries, battery cases and all your replacement or rebuild parts will also fall into the e cig accessories category. Having a good supply on hand means they are always there when you need them to fully enjoy your vaping experience.

So if you are a beginner in the world of vape and want to enhance your experience, consider purchasing any of the discussed accessories. All of them are sure to improve the quality of your experience and further the possibilities of what you can do with your rig. All of these accessories and more are available through The Vape Mall. The Vape Mall is the cheapest online vapor store for all of your vape accessory needs.

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