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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Which other site is more familiar to the ears of any person with any idea of what the internet is? Of course, there are those that do not know what eBay is but most of them don?t know what cars are either.

That is why the title of this article is simply, The eBay Auction Site. You know what it is, I know what it is, and really, the only explanation we need for what it is, is its simple title.

I think what people want to know more about the eBay auction site is not what it is, but what it can do for any particular person who would like to use it. How can the eBay auction site benefit me? That is what most people want to know. And, honestly, who doesn?t want to know that about anything?

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you want get the most out of eBay. You want that instead of definitions and fluff and all the things you can learn directly from the eBay website itself. If you get on the internet and expect perfect explanations for using anything, then you must be advised that you may be a little on the side of naivety. You have to dig through the surface of most information to see if it is valid. Information, by the way, is only as good as its source.

Practicality is something that is important to me when using the eBay auction site. I learned quickly that someone?s theories are not a good foundation to take risks on. You do learn a lot by going out on your own, making your own mistakes and refraining from such mistakes, but you can also learn from the wisdom of others.

I would like to offer some practical things I have learned during my experience selling on eBay. These are simple procedures, but procedures that will make a difference, even if a small difference and will boost your sales.

Do not use eBay picture hosting.

There are so many ways to work around this. You can host one picture with eBay for free, which you should do, but never use the option to host more than one, which is not free at all. I use yahoo and it really is simple. If you sign up for a free account with yahoo, you can upload pictures to that account for free and use those pictures within your auction.

Place a picture at the beginning of your auction.

I do think gallery pictures are effective sometimes, but most people find items on the eBay auction site with keywords. When they find what they want, they click on the auction and look at the listing. If the first thing they see is a picture of the item, it will make the buyer more confident in that they actually see the item and don?t have to read copy, then scroll down to see the a picture.

The most important, practical thing to have when selling on eBay is a plan. You need a strategy for finding products to sell, and keeping that inventory a consistent thing. When you have this, automating the entire process makes selling on the eBay auction site not only fun, but very profitable.

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