These 9 Beginner Photography Tips Will Up Your Game in no time

Posted by Photography Talk on July 27th, 2017

Beginner photography is one of the coolest stages in the process of becoming a serious amateur or a pro. It is now that you will learn and absorb information with great appetite and it will be a time of growth that you will later on remember with fondness. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to start your path as a beginner in photography. Some people have great success with formal education, and although I personally don’t believe you need to go to art school to become a great photographer, it does have its perks. Others just pick up a camera, read a lot, watch an insane number of video tutorials and shoot massively.

I’ve got nine awesome beginner photography tips that will speed up your evolution dramatically. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 19 year old art student or a retired engineer with a new exciting hobby. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating powerful images in no time.

  1. “Crop” with the viewfinder

    Cropping and straightening an image is basic editing every photographer should know how to do. But how about getting it right when you frame the shot? The famous photographic cooperative Magnum doesn’t accept portfolios that feature cropped photos. I’m not saying you should be that restrictive with yourself, but the point to this exercise is to help you master composition and to find the best frame in the shortest amount of time, no matter the subject or focal length.
  1. Have at least one prime lens

    Prime lenses are notorious for their lack of compromise in terms of image quality. A cheap 50 mm lens can produce almost the same image quality as a ,000 pro zoom when in the right hands. Using a prime lens will force you to work harder when framing and it will also make you move around a lot.This too will help maintain the habit of constantly looking for a new perspective. Believe me when I say this is one good habit to have in the long run.
  1. Ignore the rule of thirds

    With so many beginner photography tips all over the internet, it’s very easy to end up doing exactly the same thing everyone else is. I’m not saying you should ignore the rule of thirds all together because sometimes it just is the best way to go, but don’t let it be the first method of framing when looking through the viewfinder. Don’t forget about the golden ratio and above all, remember you have a rich imagination that you can express in that tiny rectangle.
  1. Meet with other photographers

    Networking as a beginner photographer is not only fun, but very useful. You can learn unexpected lessons from your peers and they can also help you with constructive criticism when it comes to your work.

Stay with us for the next part of this articles. Thank you!

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