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Posted by sora on July 28th, 2017

An authorized money lender Singapore is a person who lends money to you personally, at fixed rates of interest, for a particular period. Authorized money lender Singapore fall under the head of one association that frames all rules and regulations for their dealings. The advantages of authorised money lender Singapore above any other body are that taking loans are faster and hassle free.

It follows that if some payment or other issues arise after you have taken a bridge loan Singapore, the licensed money lender will be more interested in helping you get through the project successfully than in acquiring the property or foreclosing on it!

But, you still have to be careful when choosing a licensed money lender from the scores who are just waiting to offer you the 'perfect' bridge loan Singapore. What factors you have to consider apart from the customary rates, fees and other terms is - How broad is the variety of products that the licensed money lender is qualified to offer? Does it have the latest loan programs available? Is the loan process simple and straightforward? What is the level of expertise of the loan officers? Can they offer you the latest in financial tools? Can they assure you of excellent customer service and convenience at all times?

Furthermore, can the authorised money lender Singapore really offer you the best possible loan solution no matter how challenging your loan scenario appears to be? Is it actually committed to constantly adapting to the market changes? Will it really be able to deliver on the promises, and more importantly, enable you to make sound financial choices?

Some licensed money lenders Singapore may offer free deal calculators to help you to not just calculate the varying monthly payments and payment schedules for different loan amounts or interest rates but also assess how much you can actually afford to borrow!

And these kinds of perquisites can often become a deciding factor when choosing a licensed moneylender!

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