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Posted by AAFT School of Cinema on July 28th, 2017

They say the world has changed and so has the world of cinema, particularly the techniques of post-production.  Before I go further, I would like to tell that digitization has brought in a world of difference. Take the technique of compression — Non-linear. It is the most magnificent invention that has been made in the world of cinema. See the amount of compression one can do with negligible loss of details.

Most of us are unaware of what exactly post production is. The end product that you see on the screen is after the post-production stage that includes the assembling of the shots together and following some rules and techniques. Editing that means cleaning all the wasteful or irrelevant shots, mixing music, secondary colour correction which means adjustments of colour and contrast alteration etc. All these techniques and rules are even being taught in the Best Film Institutes and Film Schools that are technically sound.

Today, you have a series of great editing software, from Avid to Smoke. You have a range of special effects which bring extra life to the film. You say it and you can do it. You can produce films like Matrix, Jurassic Park and the recent Avatar. A decade ago, it needed considerable amount of time and huge money. Yes time and money is still needed, but the thrills are so real that it is worth spending a few more.

I still remember the first 3D film in India ‘Chhota Chetan’ but today movies can be reframed into 3Ds. A historical movie, like Mughal-E-Azam which was initially released in black and white, is now available in colour. One could never imagine this happening ten years ago in India but today it is very much possible. The film industry specially the Indian film industry has taken a terrific turn.

So tomorrow when you come out of the movie hall and feel that everything was thrilling and had some mind blowing effects, think of the hard work put in by the post production team. It is rightly said, that movie is actually made on the editing table and the finish comes from the post production.

AAFT School of Cinema, one of the best filmmaking schools in Delhi, offers undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs with specialization in Post-Production for those who intend to make a career in film making, news channels or production house. This career course is a complete package that will develop your knowledge of postproduction workflows, and equip you with the required creative and technical skills. The degree programs in Cinema cover the basics of offline editing, sound design, color grading and visual effects, video graphics and non linear editing (NLE). During your study you will be required do a unique industry project on a feature film or short film, which will become a part of your creative portfolio.

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