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A flaky fried chicken rangup might looks simple, yet leceh when we try to cook one. You may found thousands of recipes online for fried chicken, but how many of them giving you perfect flaky and rangup breading? You know the answer XD 

Messed up your kitchen with so much ingredients from scratch macam war zone, cuba and cuba so many recipe found online but can’t get flaky and rangup fried chicken? Leceh no more .

Why still be leceh while now you can cook the perfect fried chicken by using Hexa Spicy Fried Chicken Premix? With the perfect recipe fried chicken premix from our experienced Chef, you can always make flaky and rangup fried chicken with just simple steps! 

Hanya 3 simple ingredients and few simple steps for your perfect fried chicken, let’s check it out! 


- Hexa Spicy Fried Chicken Premix

- Desire marinated chicken part

- Water 


1. Preheat oil in deep fryer or pan to 163 degrees Celsius.

2. Combine 1 part Hexa Spicy Fried Chicken Premix and 1.5 part water. Mix well.

3. Dip chicken parts in batter.

4. Then coat chicken in Hexa Spicy Fried Chicken Premix 

5. Fry Chicken parts in pre-heated deep fryer.

6. Fry till chicken parts is floating surface and golden in color.

7. Perfect flaky fried chicken enak is ready . 

Additional Tips 

1) Make sure chicken use are fully defrosted. Unless you are Dracula XD

2) Make sure the ratio for batter is correct to get right texture, for perfect flaky breading.

3) Make sure fully coated the chicken with batter, till can’t see any area of chicken flesh.

4)Make sure fully coated the chicken with Hexa Spicy Fried Chicken Premix, prevent wiping off the batter and premix while doing breading process.

5) Last but not least, the right oil usage, oil level and oil temperature is important factor too. 

Enjoy your Flaky Fried Chicken Rangup and do share with buddies for the yummy food 

About the Author: 

This article is written by Eddie, who is the sales manager at Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. It is HALAL and HACCP Certified food manufacturing company that supply herbs, spices and seasoning products in Malaysia at affordable rates.

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