Is Adsense Corrupting the Internet?

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The internet is the world’s most popular destination for information seekers.
However, Google’s Adsense and search marketing programs from other companies seem to have an entirely unintended negative impact on web content.

When they first introduced the Adsense program, it was to be an innovative “outreach” for the Adwords program. Advertisers placing Adwords would have unprecedented, laser targeted reach and penetration.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to make money from webpages through Adsense has led to the proliferation of webpages created solely to coax out money through the program, with absolutely no worthwhile content.
In addition to this are the duplicated sites, and sites with duplicate content – “Adsense ready” websites bought in bulk, sites carrying the same “Private Label Rights” content distributed by Adsense Clubs, and sites created solely out of free-for-all articles from article directories. And now we have sites powered by RSS feeds alone.

With the increasing use of “smart” techniques to capture search engine positioning for search keywords, the quality and usefulness of search results will also take a beating.

Hopefully, Google and other search engines will change the way they rank and display websites, by upgrading their crawlers to disqualify duplicate sites, sites with duplicate content, sites with an unnatural density of keywords in their content.

That will be the only way to restore the internet to what it actually is – a great source of information on anything, available worldwide, to anyone with access to an internet connection.
That will also be the only way for the search engines to remain relevant, and thus continue to be in business.

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