Self Confidence: Learn How to Develop with the Law of Attraction

Posted by Brian Miller on July 30th, 2017

Theodore Roosevelt once said, ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there’. The most important part of the statement is the very first word – believe. When you have self-confidence, you firmly believe what you wish to achieve is within your reach. Self confidence can be improved by following the law of attraction (LOA). LOA helps you in cleaning your mind of disempowering thoughts and emotions like fear, apprehension and disappointment.

If you want to progress in life, not only professionally and financially but emotionally and spiritually as well, you need to learn to be self-confident. Law of attraction shows you that the process of building confidence starts with a positive thought. If you think you can do it, you will be able to pull it. Your present situation is a manifestation of your past persistent thoughts. Whatever you thought or whatever you did in the past has created the present ‘you’. Since your actions are direct outcome of your thoughts, you can easily find the correlation.

In developing self-confidence, there is no place for negative thoughts. You would never say that ‘I will not be able to do this’ or ‘I do not know what will be the outcome’ because, if you continue to think like that, exactly that is what is going to happen. With self confidence you must also have self-esteem and self-respect. All these traits will help you realize your internal power and potential. You will continuously feed your mind with positive thoughts and nourish it.

As per the Law of Attraction, your life and everything around you is a result of your mindset. Your thoughts attract the elements and emotions and it works like a magnet to attract power and force. Your thoughts that germinate the feeling of insecurity and failure bring your confidence down. On the other hand, positive thought boosts it consciously.

You are responsible for your thoughts. When you choose your thoughts carefully, thoughts that are high on positivity and possibility you are on the path of increasing your confidence. The feelings of gratitude in you will also instil positivity in you and result in higher level on confidence. Since LOA works for people who are high on positivity and also on those self doubting ones, the surrounding forms according to their thoughts.

In short, if you think you are great and you deserve the best things of the world, you would achieve them and if you self-pity on how poorly you are treated and fearful of failure, you know what is going to happen.

Affirmations and declarations are two extremely important tools for improving self confidence. When you write down your positive thoughts, quotes that inspire you and facts that motivate you regularly, you would soon see them to be reflected in your thought process. Make them a part of your daily routine; repeat them every day; read them aloud while starting your day and before going to sleep at night and your self confidence will soar with the law of attraction. Plant the right seed of thought in your mind and you will enjoy its fruit in time to come.

Boosting your self-confidence is possible by training your mind. Your mind provides you the greatest strength in attaining self confidence.

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