Weight Loss and the Law of Attraction

Posted by Brian Miller on July 30th, 2017

When it comes to weight loss, we stress on the importance of having good, balanced diets and doing regular exercises. Often we forget to bring correction to our mindset, which is perhaps more important than all other factors. Weight loss motivation comes with a change in mindset and also your attitude towards life.

Fortunately, the law of attraction has a positive role to play in solving your problem with weight gain. Being overweight has serious implications, both physical and emotional and none of them can be ignored. You will quite often find yourself in the vicious cycle of overeating and then feeling guilty about it later. So, breaking this negative spiral is important. It leads to the negative emotions like shame and regret and finally feeling bad about yourself.

Since the law of attraction says “you are what you think”, this leads to negative thoughts about yourself and coming out of it becomes almost impossible. Your first step will be to stop feeling bad about yourself and stay away from instant gratification with delicious food. Stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, start feeling good about yourself and remind your mind the great things about you, your qualities, and your core competencies.

When you are in control of your mind, your weight loss motivation will stem out of it naturally. The force of good has to be ingrained inside so that no outside force can unnerve you. Your job will be to attract only the positive thoughts about your goal set on weight loss and to see how you can achieve it. Focusing your thoughts and emotions and then acting in the right direction will bring positive changes in you. Instead of focusing on negative factors like how to lose weight, focus on positive facts like having a healthy and slim body.

The law of attraction lets you enjoy the power of the present. Since you have already left the past behind you, you do not have any control over it and no way you can change it. So concentrate on your present. At least that will give you the opportunity to shape your future the way you want. The present is all you have. LOA suggests that if you say to yourself that I will become slim, it may lead to procrastination and instead of this, you should say, I am slim. Then, there will be no space for self doubt.

With LOA you can change the reality. You can make your thoughts more real than your existing situation. To achieve this you would need conviction. Repetition or positive affirmation has a great role to play in strengthening your conviction. A statement like ‘I am healthy and slim right now’ should be repeated with conviction again and again. Your weight loss motivation should be a direct result of your focussed thoughts, strong positive emotions and strict action taken to fulfil your goals, which is weight loss in this case. The powerful thoughts generated by law of attraction help you to stay on course in your chosen path.

Weight loss is not only important for a gorgeous look but for a healthy body and mind. Law of attraction provides weight loss motivation which leads to a great result.

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