Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 30th, 2017

Belief in the power of positivity is how this journey starts. The Law of Attraction says that your mind has to accept and trust in the fact that positive thinking can help you attain your goals and be successful in life. What bridges the gap between positivity and your dreams is your effort. The more effort you put the better are your chances of getting close to those dreams and enjoy abundance. Believe in the good and you will attract good things in life.

Like any other law of nature, the law of attraction works in extremely logical and scientific manner to prove itself correct. Do we think about this when the time and tide is right? We do not. It only surfaces once we try finding out what’s wrong with things. And, then we stumble upon this law, starting the process of self realization. This might help in establishing your belief in the law of attraction – quantum physicists are also researching on the relation between creation in mind and its manifestation into matter in the real world. Positivity can help you achieve great heights of success because if you believe in the fact that a goal is attainable or that no goal is unattainable then all the hurdles will seem to be insignificant. You can take on any kind of challenge head-on.

What determines the effectiveness of law of attraction for you is whether you are able to drive away all negative thoughts from your mind and embrace the power of positivity.

On part of accepting the positivity is by being ready for worse case scenarios. It is easy to blame the universe for a few bad things but you may have learned that in life everything ultimately turns for the better. So, it’s all about implementing an optimistic viewpoint. Giving up under stress can affect your relationships which leads you to depression. Having faith is the key. The game is on, until you lose faith. Once this is lost, the battle is lost.

It may have happened many times that if you are somehow unable to give your best or if some effort doesn’t pay off as expected, you start anticipating that something similar will happen again. And from this moment the house of cards start falling. So, try not letting this moment guide your decision. This is where positive thinking will help you. Let your mind believe that everything will result in good. Better still, give your best effort in every task, and don’t worry about the results. They will follow. This is what the concept of Karma preaches us.

Start living in the presence. The past is gone and the future can’t be certain. So, you only have the ‘now’ to capitalize on. This is what you can control. So, focus your positive aspects on your present. Gradually the results will start showing. If all your present situations are tackled with enough positivity then the future will stand corrected on itself. The universe responds to you the way you feed it. So, the more positive thought the better.  

Positive thinking is a habit which you can practice and allow the law of attraction to step in and show the results. What you need is effort and deliberate diversion from negative thoughts. The power of positivity works only if you let it.

Embrace  positive thinking    and allow the law of attraction to work its magic through the   power of positivity  and ensure your success in life.

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