The Law of Attraction and its Magic

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 30th, 2017

No, there is no magic wand at play here. The Law of Attraction creates magic by using positive thoughts, self-belief, high self-esteem and an effort to change things for the better. The deep seated seeds of negativity are to be thrown out and replaced with a positive thought. There are no short cuts to this. If you want to experience a life full of natural abundance then you have to trust in the universe which is always there to help you with the law of attraction.

The first step is to get rid of doubts about the laws of attraction. It is a law of nature and its principles have been taught in ancient scriptures of the Upanishads, the Bible and by Lord Buddha. All of it points out to one simple fact – your thoughts shape who you are as an individual. The basic principle works on attracting what you give out. If you send negative emotions or thoughts about yourself you will get back similar situations or results.

To be able to follow this principle, you need to have this belief that you are capable of achieving any dream. If you focus on short-term results and wonder why it’s not working, you will be disappointed. The law of attraction is not a formula for success. Rather, it is the very foundation on which you can base your efforts and action to attain your goals in life. Practicing its simple tenets make you capable of dealing with short-term objectives as well. However, this practice needs time and patience.

Relaxing your mind is its basic requirement as well. Be receptive to everything without categorizing things as black or white. Understand, like good things, a lot of bad things happen in life as well. And trust in the fact that natural balance is always restored. This is not done by any human being. Nature finds a way to do it. But what is human about applying the laws of attraction is that it is based on the sole condition that you are willing to achieve your dreams and goals. It entirely revolves around an individual – what they want in their lives, what they wish to achieve, their willingness to put the necessary effort and allow patience, happiness and positivity to take over.

The efforts that you put in today will shape you into a better individual gradually. It will help you become mature and capable of taking the right decisions. Hence, the law of attraction isn’t a tool on which you can frame tomorrow’s results. It uses the tools of nature to make all your days better. Our aim is to be happy throughout and have the ability to face adverse situations without crumbling. And, this aim can be achieved by nurturing positive thoughts. Your teacher is life and nature and your lessons are all that happens with you or around you.

To benefit from the magical presence of law of attraction, you need to open your mind to life’s teachings and read a lot. These two paths, if taken and believed in, will slowly lead you to understand the law of attraction better and analyse if it really creates magic or not. It’s not unreal or imaginary magic. It is based on what you think, what you have experienced and how you react to situations.

Learn how to use the  law of attraction  to lead a better life. The   law of attraction  works on the basis of your power to think positive.

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