Building Self Confidence with the Law of Attraction

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 30th, 2017

Building self-confidence with the law of attraction makes you more aware of yourself. Self actualization is an important step towards gaining self confidence. We will talk about this but first let’s start with image building because it is your active interest which will encourage you to go through all the difficulties you are to face in becoming more in tune with your true nature.

Your self-image gets a boost when you are able to recognize your capabilities. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves but we are somehow not ready to accept it. Building your image will help you acknowledge that you have immense power stored in you, enough to get you through everything. The law of attraction will help you in this journey once you start realizing your true potential as a human being.

By building self confidence you are able to become who you have always dreamt of becoming. Now, this has to be realistic. And, this where the need to know your abilities come into play. What are your advantages and disadvantages as a person? Have you ever tried to analyze your flaws objectively? Accepting your true nature does not mean that you can ignore your flaws. In this path of learning, you have to be more open to all sides of yourself as a human being. This leads to a positive image building exercise. It makes you comfortable with yourself.

Accepting your flaws and working on them, trying to turn your disadvantages into opportunities and having faith in your essential qualities all form parts of building confidence. To be able use the laws of attraction to gain more confidence in yourself will require you to make an honest analysis of yourself. When you are confident, you accept yourself with each facet and are not ashamed of yourself. However, this does not mean that you do not try to work on your disadvantages.

Also, when you accept yourself, you do not feign false pride over your flaws. You have to remember that it is your flaws that are stopping you from reaching your objectives. Building self confidence also lets you develop your personality. With every flaw or negative trait that you recognize and improve upon adds up to create an easy task for you to use the laws of attraction. You also refine the results from self actualization. Being comfortable with your negativities and working towards eliminating them is a strenuous process but one well rewarded.

Once you have reached the above stage, it’s time to take your learning to an entirely different level – developing your personality. This is where the laws of attraction can help you. If you believe that you can nurture yourself and transform the kind of person you are then you will be able to allow the laws to take you through this path. Building self confidence will take a lot of time and patience. Thoughts and habits grown over the years won’t disappear overnight. You have to hold on and let the universe decide its own flow. When you feel self confidence in you again, you will realize your true worth and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

The process of attraction building self confidence by applying the laws of attraction is a multi-layered one and it results in a boost to your self confidence .

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