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Posted by ricky26 on July 31st, 2017

Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Apart from the core Islamic Republics or Islamic Kingdoms in Middle East, there are billions of Muslims living all over the globe. From Europe, Australia, America to the populous Indian subcontinent; you will see a massive following and millions of adherents in the Non-Muslim nations as well. Due to the inclusive and welcoming nature of developed nations of Europe and America; you can easily find substantial population of Muslims living peacefully in these countries with full religious and fundamental rights.

They are given full residential facilities and opportunities to make a great career. Now, the flip side of the coin is that in the name of Islam and Allah, a hideous section of the immigrant population is fuelling the agenda of forcing Sharia laws of Islam in their host nations. There are certain regional political parties and NGOs such as Cordoba Foundation created by such people by foreign aid and on paper they appear as a peaceful group motivated towards development of Muslims in the host nations.

But the bitter reality is that these parties are the breeding ground of plotting terrorism in their host nation. To clear the air, let’s know about Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V, which is a central organization for empowering Muslim brotherhood in Germany. The organization originated from Munich Mosque Construction Commission in 1958 by the efforts of Said Ramadan. From 1973-2002 it was headed by Ali Ghaleb Himmat. But in 2002, the U.S government found him to be involved in terrorism financing and channeling Hawala money to organize bombings and terror attacks in Germany. The organization is still active in Germany and is headed by President by Samir Falah, since 2010.

Another Islamist political party in North Africa tied with the Muslim Brotherhood is Ennahda Party in Tunisia. The party came into existence in 1981 and even ruled in Tunisia from 2011-2014. The party’s president is Rachid Al-Ghannouchi who has strong ties with the Global Muslim Brotherhood. He is also the founding member of WAMY.

Likewise, there are many political parties such as Hamas and Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, around the world that are solely based on the idea of Muslim unity and are found indulged in terrorism acts in their host nations.

The web portal has put sincere efforts to identify these groups and their channels of funding. On this map you can find and locate all such parties like Bellevue Mosque across Europe, America, Africa and other parts of the world.

About is a web portal where you can find details and location of extremist Islamist organizations across the globe like Freedom and Justice Party.

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