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Are You Interested in Custom-Made Beanies? Here is the Company to Contact for Qu

Posted by custommadebeaniesus on July 31st, 2017

During the cold season, it is very important to protect your head from the chilly winds. The most effective way to do this is by utilizing a beanie. This is a simple hat that fits over your skull providing warmth and protection for your head and your ears as well. There are various styles, fabrics and designs of beanies today. Majority of them are generic in nature. The other type is custom-made beanies. These can be designed and created according to your specific instructions. This is the specialty of Custom Made Beanies. Read on to learn more about the company.

What is Custom Made Beanies?

This is a company which manufactures the highest-quality custom beanies across the globe. They are capable of creating literally any design on the custom beanies which you order. Targeting retailers who are buying these pieces in bulk, they offer the lowest minimum order number in the industry, which is 100 pieces. They also have a variety of design styles that you can pick from. Examples of these are:

  1. Pom beanies
  2. High-end beanies
  3. Customized style beanies
  4. No pom beanies

These can be made of any fabric that you desire. The company has a variety of them available to you. Each one is perfect for making beanies.

Which fabrics are available to you?

Custom Made Beanies has a variety of Beanie Custom Made fabrics. They include:

  1. Acrylic
  2. Fleece
  3. Cotton
  4. Wool


This is a commonly used fabric for beanies. It is synthetic, easy to clean and is a great alternative to wool. Acrylic holds dye very readily. As such, it is perfect for custom-made beanies because even the most complicated designs can be made with it.


Soft and supple, fleece is a material that is perfect for creating a Custom Pom Pom Beanie. It is synthetic in nature and capable of wicking moisture. Moreover, it is washable in your machine and comes in various thicknesses. The thinnest variety of this fabric is known as micro fleece while the thickest one is known as grade 300 fleece. Custom-made beanies can be made of this material with the preferred design embroidered or printed on them.


This is one of the most versatile fabrics in the industry. Cotton beanies are durable and washable in your machine. They hold designs readily too.


Traditionally, clothing for the cold season is made of wool. Derived from sheep, Angora goats, camels and alpaca, wool is a natural material which is capable of retaining heat and is resistant to static. Custom-made beanies can be made of wool.


If you want a set of custom-made beanies, this is the company to consult. They are highly experienced and capable of providing you with the designs that you want for your Custom Pom Pom Beanie. Low prices and high-quality craftsmanship make Custom Made Beanies the leader in their industry.

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