Solution to save your costly hardwood flooring from humidity damage

Posted by PARTIK on July 31st, 2017

According to home décor experts, those who own hardwood floors in their houses or small office should be cared to maintain the minimum requirement of humidity to enjoy its long lasting attractiveness. Undeniably, in the summer days or dry months restoring needful humidity can be a major concern if you’re not equipped with a branded humidifying tool.

Typically, the scale of humidity you should maintain in the indoor setting should be not above 45-50% depending upon the type of hardwood, you’ve installed. Experts of hardwood and carpet installation companies Pensacola FL recommends every home owner having hardwood flooring to buy and install a high quality humidity level evaluator so that the changing intensity can be effectively measured.

Tips to restore your hardwood flooring in striking condition

Make use of rugs

Protecting the entryways with quality foamy mats are ideal tools to discard possible dirt as well as moisture especially during the rainy days. Hardwood floors are very much prone to consume both grimy particles and moisture. Always keep in mind that your hardwood floor should be out of the exposure to UV sunlight rays, water that eventually leads to bending, gapping or even cracking of the costly floor.

Humidity control

As said above, you should maintain the relative humidity level in indoor within the range 40 -60% maximum depending upon the class of hardwood is installed. These days specialized home décor companies offer a range of hardwood flooring such as solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and with a low budget you can also go for laminated flooring or bamboo flooring. For all these floorings humidity is a concern. In this context, it is the best choice to obtain the necessary guidance from your flooring company.

Protect floor from common damaging

No matter, how costly your wooden floor is, they are vulnerable to denting, scratches, scraped due to misuse. Your naughty kids can simply make it scratched or severely damaged just by nipping it with any sharp object. This is a very common incident and for which the best practice is using heavy carpets on the floor that also keep the area warm, noise free and relaxing.

Care and Maintenance

Never use plain water to clean or mop your hardwood floor. The practice is extremely damaging for wood floors. Equally, never make the mistake to use oil, soap or wax mixed with water for mopping the floor area or wooden walls. Using any kind of polish, scouring power or cleaners containing chemicals can spoil the look and polish of wooden floor and make it fade. Talk to your carpet and floor installation company and get their valued suggestion. They can recommend you good quality ‘no wax’ cleaner, which can be used in case of water or beverage spills.

At the time of installation, always go to specialist flooring companies that are operating in the industry for a long time. Their technicians will visit your home, get the details of room size whether you need wooden flooring or carpeting and will quote you with a range of options. Considering your budget, you can think of employing a mix of hardwood, lamination or bamboo flooring in different rooms.

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