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The Russian Federation is the Best Holiday Destination This Summer

Posted by Dooktravels on July 31st, 2017

If it is a Russian holiday that has always been in your mind, then you must contact a unified travel company. These companies offer attractive inbound and outbound opportunities to go in CIS industries. Travel packages for holidays are provided to an enormous list of tourists and customers. Russia, as you must have read in your geography chapters, is a land of fresh meadows, snow, frosty weather and imposing rivers. The name of the country is derived from “Rus” that means a state that is archaic. Two exemplary cities make the country so very enticing. The various packages to explore Russia well are as follows.

The four nights

Different itineraries are prepared by the travel companies which includes a Moscow Tour Package. It begins with a stay at the hotel where after breakfast you are taken for a panoramic tour of the city. You are taken for a trip around the cathedral, the square, the Sparrow Hills and The University. Then post afternoon you are taken to the cathedral of Kremlin. All these are parts of the day one and day two of the travel plans. On the third day you are taken for the train ride, and on the fourth day, you get to explore the famous museums. The night is spent at the hotel.

The five nights

When you opt for a Russia Tour Package from India, you are taken to an Indian Restaurant for lunch after arrival. The beautiful tour the Moscow city begins with the Savior Cathedral and ends with exploring the night life activities on day one. The second day and the third day involve traveling to the Alexander Garden, the Red square and the very famous Kremlin. On the third day of the trip as per the itinerary, you are taken on a ride on the Russian railways between Moscow and St Petersberg. Finally, you get to visit the Admiralty building, and the journey ends with reaching the airport on the sixth day.

The seven days and six nights trip

The tour duration for itinerary plan comprising six nights is comparatively longer than the packages mentioned above. You spent the first nights in the hotel on arrival and with the beginning of the second day you are taken for an elaborate city tour. On the third day as per the plan, you visit the fortified compound of Kremlin. You are also taken for a shopping trip and later to the state museums and churches on subsequent days.

The classic travel

A short trip or may be a long one is a great way to acquaint yourself with this amazing country. If you are short on time, these packages are worth your money and while. You will witness the major highlights of the city. Some of the packages include visiting the prominent sights where you get acquainted with the ancient history of Russia and the Russian art in the galleries of Tretyakov. You listen to the musicians in the street as you take strolls along the street of Old Arbrat. If all these details have enthralled you enough, then it is time you pack your bags and let that traveling bug wander free.

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