Planning To Buy A Laube Litening 804 Cordless Dog Clipper? Here?s What You Need

Posted by Barry allen on August 1st, 2017

As a dog lover, you would want everything to make your dog look its best, and feel comfortable. Like the human beings, grooming is just as important for the dogs and however, doing your bit for the animals helps develop you as a person too. As a matter of fact, it’s not as easy to foster a dog as it appears to be. It requires a lot of effort by the owners who can’t overlook their pet’s problems related to styling and comfort. Should you be fostering a dog that has a thick and heavy coat (fur), getting a set of professional dog clippers will help you keep your dog sane especially, during the summers.

Although there is a range of dog clippers available in the market, you might be the one to pick the best one among the lot. But how do you make a smart purchase? Here’s what you need to consider.

Your Dog’s Breed
You can choose professional dog clippers only when you are well-aware of your dog’s breed. Yes, the breed of the dog is prime to buy the grooming products for it. Dog clippers are designed differently according to the different dog breeds to help you smoothly comb your pet’s coarse coat, and untangle the difficult knots.

Power & Speed of the Motor of the Clipper
Make sure you buy a dog clipper that offers the right balance between power and speed. The best ones let you get through the dense coats easily without creating much noise and vibrations that might end up discomforting your dog. However, the clipper with variable speed is suitable for precision settings because you can adjust the features as per your need.
Noise, Heat, and Vibrations
The more powerful the motor, the more noise and discomfort it may cause. The clippers with powerful motors can cut through any coat but on the cost of your dog’s inconvenience because the blade is bound to heat up, vibrations might increase, and the noise can get annoying after some time. Adapting a set of clippers according to your dog’s fur is what the experts suggest.

Comfortable Grip, Size, and Weight of the Clipper
Don’t forget to check the grip, size, and weight of the clippers you have your eyes on. The modern clippers are ergonomically designed to provide the perfect grip and comfort to the owners since they are the ones to hold it for longer durations.

Blades, oils, and combs are other important factors to be kept in mind when buying a dog clipper. To play safe, you should read about your breed’s standard and understand what’s best for its comfort, health, and lifestyle.

Usually, the sensible pet owners go for the best grooming products such as they would buy Laube Litening 804 Cordless Clipper, or Polybrite Lighted Collar Covers to give their dogs the best treatment ever. So what kind of pet owner are you?
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