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Posted by Bernadette Newton on August 1st, 2017


Yoga, originating in ancient India, essentially meaning something that brings you close to reality, something that unites your mind, body and soul and disciplines you with methods to attain your goal and unfold the endless potential.

Yoga has been extensively studied and Yoga Classes are highly recommended to promote relaxation, reduce stress, as well as provide relief from some medical conditions. It is highly effective in increasing general health and stamina, improves conditions bought in by an unhealthy lifestyle and helps in strengthening and balancing all body parts.

Rejuvanate your Senses with Yoga

In modern times our busy and stressful lifestyle takes its own toll on our physical and mental health, making us prone to mental disturbances and physical weaknesses. Attending Yoga Classes, helps you nurture yourself with gentle and relaxing sessions that revitalise your nervous system. It brings back balance to your mind and body and helps you regain optimal health.

Transform Your Lifestyle with Yoga

At Yoga Studios like Cultivate Calm Yoga, the techniques of practicing Yoga in Brisbane are explained and demonstrated in thorough and joy full manner. Understanding the need of an individual and assisting them with their practice, is the first step towards them becoming habitual with yoga. Our classes are aimed at providing you with restored balance thus helping you to strengthen your body, calm your mind, regain your focus and develop self-confidence.

One of the biggest advantages is that yoga poses support and sustain you, no matter how old or young you are, or how fit or frail you are.

Regular practice of yoga has brought about remarkable life style changes in individuals. People have experienced relief from illnesses and observed behavioural changes, have reported healthier and happy life with reduced anxiety and greater tolerance.

It is considered that the human brain is one the most complicated objects of the universe. It controls everything in a human body from heart rates to emotions, to body functions and abilities, feelings and emotions are just a few. Regular practice of yoga has shown mental calm and peace in both inner and outer body.

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