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Posted by Divakar on August 1st, 2017

Cellulite is a multi-faced condition, a type of fat that is more visible on the surface of the skin than another type of fat in the body which is caused by several physiological and hormonal factors. Cellulite Treatment is a process of reducing the amount or appearance of cellulite. Most of the women have cellulite to one or another degree. Most common areas of the body where the cellulite occurs are the body parts which serves as the body fat's reserves such as buttocks, thighs, and hips. Cellulite creates a dimpled appearance in these areas of the body because it is closer to the surface of the skin. A connective tissue like Septa anchoring the fat tissue beneath the skin to deep muscles forms cellulite when changes its position between layers of the various tissues. The septa may breakdown, stretch or pull tight and fat may squeeze close to the surface of the skin which results in cellulite.

According to statistics, more than 85% of females past the age of eighteen regardless of ancestry cellulite shows up on the thighs, although it is more common for Caucasian and Asian women. As it is a benign condition but being much like wrinkles cellulite has become a concern of women worldwide. Everything from loofahs, miracle ingredients, , herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, special washcloths, bath liquids, rubberized pants, rollers, body wraps, brushes, and toning lotions to electrical muscle stimulation, vibrating machines, hormone or enzyme injections, inflatable hip-high pressurized boots, and massage have been claimed to be successful cellulite treatments. 

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Cellulite Treatment Market: Drivers and Restraints

The desire to enhance the beauty and physical appearance among women with Increase in Awareness of the cellulite treatment procedures among the general public is the major factor that drives the Cellulite TreatmentMarket. The increase in efforts of Cellulite Industry on developing non-invasive and invasive techniques that help to address fat more effectively with the rise in disposable income due to increase in job opportunities in developing countries are also expected to fuel the market revenue for Cellulite treatment market over the forecast period. However, the suffering of the patients during treatment, high expenses of treatments, inadequate reimbursement infrastructures, unavailability of permanent cellulite removal procedures and certain side effects associated with the processes can hamper the growth of the Cellulite treatment marketto some extent.

Cellulite Treatment Market: Segmentation

Cellulite treatment is segmented by:

  • By treatment:

    • Minimally Invasive

    • Non-Invasive

  • By End-user

    • Hospitals

    • Dermatology Clinics.

Cellulite Treatment Market: Overview

Cellulite is the problem for approximately 90 percent of women in Western nations. Before the middle of the 20th century, removal of cellulite wasn’t a major issue for most women, because problematic fat buildups in their legs, thighs or buttocks weren’t as common back then but now people are concerned about how to get rid of cellulite for about 40 or 50 years. However, now there are many treatments against cellulite which is going to boost the revenue for cellulite treatment market in the upcoming period. Cellulaze one of the most effective laser cellulite treatment and is an FDA-approved procedure, which cuts the septae that cause skin dimpling and then melts the fat underneath the skin. Cellulaze session in Laser cellulite removal costs goes for a minimum of 00. Most of the cellulite products come in the form of creams and lotions with lab-synthesized ingredients and the vast array of either exotic sounding beside this there are devices such as endermologie.

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Cellulite Treatment Market: Region-wise Outlook

A geographic condition regarding for Cellulite treatment market, it has been segmented into five broad regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, and the Middle East & Africa.

North America represents the largest Cellulite treatmentmarket followed by Europe due to advanced Healthcare Infrastructures and advancement in medical and surgical techniques. Expanding Urbanization as well as the increase in disposable income and increase in specialized surgeons in Asia-Pacific region results in elevation of Cellulite treatment market.

Cellulite Market: Key Market Participants

Some of the key players in Cellulite treatment are Syneron Medical Inc., Cynosure Inc., Solta Medical Inc.and much more.

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